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About Jim Worthersky

Hi, my name is Jim and my motto to live by is: Hope for the best while prepare for the worst. My hobbies are swimming, hiking, hunting, scouting & crafting.
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  • Sam Geldersma

    With regards to water purification, do you have any opinion on the LifeStraw product? I have read about it before but never seen it in real life.

    It appears like a very useful little tool to have in case of emergencies, and there are some pretty impressive videos showing people taking (what appears to me) muddy and gross water, using the LifeStraw to filter it, and ultimately consuming the water.

    • JimWorthersky

      To be honest, I have never tried this product before, so I can not be objective but from what I have seen and read about it, it looks like a really good stuff that you could keep on yourself.

  • Leonard Byrd

    It is amazing to me how much difference it can make even to just simply rinse out a wound. A couple years ago my son and I both sliced our legs on the same log while walking through the woods. Wanting to be a tough teenager, Sean (my son) neglected to rinse his leg in the river while I at least tried to get the dirt and grime out. Fast forward a few weeks, Sean wound up having a mild form of sepsis from the wound and needed a round of antibiotics to clear out his issues! Luckily everything was OK in the end, but it is alarming to know it all could have most likely been prevented with a simple rinse.

    • JimWorthersky

      You are so right Leonard! Always try to clean even minor wounds while in the wilderness. You can avoid really bad consequences later!

  • Fred G

    Growing up in the United States it is easy for me to forget that the majority of the food I buy in the grocery store is packed with preservatives. Once I venture into the wilderness on a camping/hunting trip, even simple tactics like drying out food after I shoot it do wonders to ensure that my meat does not spoil before I get it home. To any newbies out there, butchering might be a little intimidating at first but I promise after a couple tries you will get the hang of it!

    • JimWorthersky

      Sure for butchering, only the practice will help you to overcome any psychological issues you may have with it!

  • Oliver

    Winter is among my favorite times to go hiking simply because of all the neat animal prints one can find in the snow. During the warmer months it can be difficult to identify the types of animals occupying a certain area, but when you can judge from the footprints it becomes relatively straightforward to make sense of the animals in the region.

    • JimWorthersky

      That is really good point. It is much easier to track and identify animals in snowy land than in one without it!

  • Patrick Fox

    Simple snare traps work wonders in the wilderness, but if you are against animal cruelty please be ready to kill your capture quickly!

    We had a coyote problem on the farm some years ago and sitting by the bedroom window with a .22 wasn’t working. Somehow we got the idea to set a snare trap with meat in the area, and wound up catching a coyote by his right hind leg. The problem was the animal became so startled once trapped that is scrambled around and actually broke its leg trying to become free, and since we were not prepared to dispose of the poor coyote quickly it most likely suffered during its last few minutes as I had to run inside to grab a tool to finish it off.

    • JimWorthersky

      This is sad truth about snares. They should be used only during critical and emergency situations as animals go through a lot of pain and stress before they pass away.

  • ed pierce

    The order that these are in is the exact order of importance to human life. The author did a very good job, thank you for posting this!

    • JimWorthersky

      And I thank you for these kind words ed.

  • shaun wright

    Creating fire from virtually nothing is a skill that makes you feel good about yourself and lets you know that you will be able to survive a little longer until help arrives. Fire does so much for moral when you are stranded somewhere.

    • JimWorthersky

      The moral support is one of the best advantages of being able to create fire.