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About Jim Worthersky

Hi, my name is Jim and my motto to live by is: Hope for the best while prepare for the worst. My hobbies are swimming, hiking, hunting, scouting & crafting.
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  • Joseph P

    When I was a kid we used to go camping at regular campsites, where a fire pit was always available. Then one year we decided to go to a primitive campsite where we were really “roughing it”, lol. The matches were practically useless because we couldn’t use fire starter fluid in the woods. My dad ended up getting flint and steel from a local store and that worked perfectly.

    Because these items are lightweight there’s no reason not to have them in your pack. You never know when you’re going to need them.

    • JimWorthersky

      That is really good point. Everyone should have a flint & steel packed up when he or she is going into the wilderness.

  • Daniel

    Aaaahh… brings back Boy Scout memories! We learned how to do the hand drill first since it is the most difficult of all methods. I assume they wanted us to use the hardest method first since it tired most of us out. And you’re right about smoking. Smoke always precludes the fire, but it can still be a while before the fire starts, even with smoke.

    The magnifying glass worked much faster than I thought. It only took a few minutes to get it going. You just have to make sure you leave it in the same place after you get a good ray. And I believe we used to blow on it as well.

    • JimWorthersky

      Thank you for your insights Daniel!

  • Survival Novice

    When I first tried the magnifying glass method I got a lot of smoke, but no flame. Eventually I figured out that you have to blow on the smoking area to get an ember going. I also read on another board that if you put something that catches fire quickly over the ember (like some toilet paper) and then blow on it, you’ll start the fire a lot quicker. Works every time now!

    • JimWorthersky

      Thank you for this extra tip with blowing on the heated area!

  • Jon

    I always keep plenty of tinder in a waterproof baggie. You can use the lint from the dryer, cotton balls, or dried grass. I believe they also sell tinder material in the camping supply store, but dryer lint has always worked just fine for me.

    The dry tinder definitely makes starting a fire much easier, especially when you’re working with a bow or a magnifying glass. Keep it in one of those ziplock bags so that it doesn’t get wet with the rest of your gear.

    • JimWorthersky

      Joh you nailed it. If you have dry tinder, then starting fire and getting heated up is much easier!

  • CJ

    Hi Jim,

    These tips came right on time. I’m taking my son and my daughter camping in a few weeks and we’re trying to get some survivalist methods ready. Starting a fire is a big one. Now I know exactly what need.


    • JimWorthersky

      I am more than happy that I could help you CJ! I wish you nice camping trip.

  • Stephen Kroko

    I am taking my son Henry out camping this weekend and would love to teach him a thing or two about survival skills. Definitely going to attempt the lens method because I recall doing that before, but the drill method looks like a little above my difficulty level so might save that one for another day!

    • JimWorthersky

      Sure, teach him at least two ways how to start a fire as soon as possible. Maybe you could show him even how flint & steel works!

  • Bruce P

    Commercial starters are my go-to technique to get a fire going. Using lighters packed with gas just leads to more plastic in landfills, so it is nice to know you are doing something good for the environment on top of having a starter that will work no matter the weather conditions.

    Sometimes it can be a little difficult to sparks into flames if the kindling is wet, but I have found that when all else fails Doritos actually make excellent for some excellent kindling!

    • JimWorthersky

      Thanks for the great tip with Doritos Bruce! I will hopefully try it sometimes soon!

  • Greg Smale

    Even in my childhood I remember messing around with ants and my magnifying glass, pretending I was a mad scientist hellbent on burning the poor little animals. Luckily I didn’t realize the need for sun to make the magnifying glass work properly, so the majority of the time I probably just looked less than intelligent to the neighbors watching…

    That reminds me to give this another shot though – the article makes it appear very straightforward to do and I would be very pleased to get a proper fire going using only a magnifying glass and some tinder.

    • JimWorthersky

      Sure, as long as you have dry tinder and enough sunlight starting fire with lens is a no brainer (just keep blowing air on the tinder when it starts to produce smoke).

  • Emily K

    Expanding on your note above regarding smoke before the fire gets started: If you DO begin to see smoke and then decide that you are not going to pursue starting a fire any longer, be sure to pour some water on and/or stomp your fire so that it does not accidentally spread after you leave the area.

    I had a very close call many years ago at campsite where I got some smoke and then it started to rain, so I called it quits and went to my tent to take a nap. 15 minutes later I smelled leaves burning and poked my head out the tent and was surprised to see that my smokey pile of sticks had turned into a 4 foot wide fire outside of the fire pit. Luckily I had some water handy and was able to extinguish it before any major problems happened, but it made me absolutely think twice before leaving a fire until I was absolutely certain it was out.

    • JimWorthersky

      Emily this should be stressed more during my article! I hope I will be able to add some words about this asap.

  • Tanya

    My boyfriend and I go camping every few months just to get away from everything, and I will always remember when I asked him to grab some matches and he came back with a pair of binoculars I thought he might have been dropped on his head a child. Turns out, binoculars are actually a very useful tool for getting a fire started on a sunny day and while I can’t seem to get a fire started with them myself I am always impressed at those who can manipulate the sunlight into flame using only a lens.

    • JimWorthersky

      Hey Tanya, it is not that a difficult job to do. Maybe you need only a little more practice and a proper trainer who will be able to teach you. Just ask your boyfriend and I bet he will be more than happy to show you some tricks.