Bug Out Bag – List of 10 Items You Need to Pack at All Costs

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Surviving in wilderness is much harder today than it was thousands of years ago. Without the proper knowledge and skills, people will find that they do not know what to do after a disaster strikes!

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When an evacuation takes place, a person will need to leave in a hurry until they are in a safe area. In order to not to forget anything crucial for your survival, you need to have your bag already prepared with the essentials you will need on your way!

The main idea is to just grab it and run for the safety as when disaster strikes, time is of the essence!

B.O.B – Your Best Buddy for First 72 Hours

B-O-B (or bug-out-bag) is a backpack filled with all of the essentials to live for first 72 hours as this is the average time it takes to evacuate to safe zone. These will include all of the materials and supplies that you need to get out quickly with all of the crucial and necessary stuff in hand.

This is not the same as a survival kit or anything of the sort. Instead, this is meant for strictly 72 hours and is seen as a grab-to-go solution. In fact, many people call this a 72-hour kit.

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Top Emergency and Survival Kits: Are You Prepared?

There are not many features that you need to be concerned with when buying your bag. Instead, the most important aspect will be its actual size. This is where most people will go astray and find that one hey have bought is simply not adequate!

You will need a bag that is big enough for all of the bare essentials to fit inside! This is why it is recommended to first make a list of everything you need, purchase all those items that will go into and measure them before choosing your backpack!

The only key elements you want to really ensure that your BOB has are:

  • Waterproof sealant
  • Sturdy straps
  • Front pouches

The last thing you want to do is skimp out on the price of your bag only to find out that when you need it most, a handle breaks or water has seeped into it.

WARNING!!! List of 10 Items Your B-O-B Has to Include!

You will want to assemble your own B.O.B to grab with you in case of a disaster. Overlooking some of the essentials will greatly diminish your survival chances.

We have compiled a list of 10 categories of must-have items (around 27 actually) that you have to include in your backpack at all costs!

Item #1 – Water & Filtering Essentials to Last for 72 Hours

Stuff For Water FiltrationDid you know that dehydration will kill you much faster than hunger?

In fact, you can go for weeks without food, but you can only go days without liquids.

Ideally, you will bring:

  • Large canister of water
  • Filter & purification pills

A canister will only suffice for a short while.

Since it occupies a lot of space and will become heavy, you will also want to bring a water filter and purification tablets with you. These will remove harmful minerals from streams of water that will be vital to your survival.

Consider packing this as well:

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Is It Really That Good?

Item #2 – Emergency Food & Stuff for Preservation

Food & Stuff For CookingFood is a hot topic among survivalists with no one choice being correct.

You will want non-perishable items with a very long shelf life such as:

  • Canned goods
  • Oats
  • Dried fruits or meats

If you want, there are small single burner propane stoves that are very light and will fit right into your bag with ease.

These are meant for quick meals, so do not attempt to cook steak with them. Instead, this can be used for simple things, such as noodles and a hot cup of coffee or tea!

Remember, this is meant for survival, so you want to buy foods that are small in size, yet large in calories and nutrients! Some preparation items include: Small pot, drinking thermos, fork & knife.

Item #3 – Set of Spare Clothes

Spare Warm Clothes For BOBSpare clothes are essential, but there comes a point when too many of these will simply hold you back.

Socks are vital in floods or hurricanes, so always bring 4 – 5 pairs to keep your feet warm and dry. The rest should be chosen based on the climate where you live.

In Maine, a person will need to focus on heavier clothes in case of a disaster in the middle of winter. However, those living in Arizona can pack much lighter. A few things to consider are:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Cotton sweatpants

Jackets should be worn instead of packed. If possible, wear your heaviest items before evacuating to save room in your backpack for other things. Ideally, you will have spare sweatpants because they are lighter than jeans and long-sleeve shirts because they offer warmth and more protection than that of a t-shirt.

Item #4 – Tent or Any Other Portable Shelter

Tent & Shelter For Bug Out Bag

Shelter from the rain and elements will be a necessity. Thankfully, this is an easy choice.

You need a tent. Its size will be dependent on the amount of people in your family and a spare space you still have in your B-O-B.

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However, in the ideal situation, you will pack a single man tent that will be easy to assemble and small in size.

Item #5 – At Least 3 Different Fire Starting Tools

Fire Starting Kit For Bug Out BagFlames are essential for both cooking and warmth. Any fire starting technique will require a few items that will make the job much easier.

  • Lighter
  • Tinder
  • Matches

There are also other items that should be carried, such as a spark-lite. Magnifying glasses or mirrors can also be used to direct the sun’s rays on dry leaves to start a fire.

I highly recommend you to pack these as well:

Item #6 – First Aid Kit with Instructional Manual

Proper First Aid Kit

First aid kits are recommended because small, untreated wounds can lead to more serious infection causing major health problems or even death. Remember that it should include at least following stuff:

  • Band-aids (Preferably Celox for severe bleeding)
  • Gauze pads
  • Medical tape
  • Bandages
  • Gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Butterfly bandages
  • Antibiotic ointments
  • Scissors
  • Ice pack

The manual is very important as it will explain basic procedures for treating various types of wounds and injuries. If you take any medications, remember to have a spare bottle in your bag and to replace them as soon as they expire!

Item #7 – Survival Guide & Book

Survival Guide Full Of Advice
You can get this one on Amazon.com

Survival books are able to help anyone last just a little bit longer during crisis.

These guides should always be read before anything bad happens, however you must also bring at least one along with you!

More precisely, these will help you to:

  • Forage for food
  • Find shelter
  • Locate sources of water

Some guides will go through the basics of hunting, creating a shelter and lighting a fire among many other tactics and skills!

Item #8 – Basic Gear – Source of Light, Paracord & Survival Knife

Survival Tools For Your BagThere are some small items that people easily overlook.

These usually include the following:

  • Light source – A heavy duty flashlight.
  • Paracord – Essential for surviving outdoors, this durable and strong parachute cord can be used for strapping things in place or fastening various items. You can read more about its lifesaving uses here – 20+ Amazing Uses of 550 Paracord for Emergency Situations.
  • Proper blade – Sharp edge on one side and serrated one on the inside best describe a survival knife. These knives can be used for cutting through brush or killing and gutting an animal.
  • Other gear – Tape, ties, compass and a map of the area are all other great items to bring along.

Please note: You can add any other gear or tool you consider to be important and useful. However, keep in mind that you only have limited space!

Item #9 – Weapon & Basic Trapping Tools

Weapons & Traps For Bug Out BagThe weapon of choice for most bug out bags is a knife.

Using your survival blade is typically more than adequate, but any with a sharp blade that is longer than 3 inches will suffice.

Trapping tools are great when you are hungry and foraging is not yielding any food.

Gophers and rabbits can be easily trapped and killed as a source for food. Cages are available and typically weigh only 3 – 4 pounds.

I highly recommend you to check out these 10 best blades!!!

Review of Top 10 Survival Knives Worth Your Money!

Item #10 – Simple Communication Tools – Radio, Whistle & Mirror

Signaling Radio, Whistle & MirrorCommunication gears can mean the difference between life and death.

The following items are recommended:

  • Whistle – Wearing a whistle around your neck is a must! This can be blown to alert others or it can be used to scare off lurking animals.
  • Mirror – Mirrors reflect the sun and will be able to help airplanes locate you easier.
  • Radio – Emergency crank radios. These may use solar cells or a physical crank to generate power. These are great for finding out the latest news, weather forecast and often come with a flashlight attached!

Pay attention!

You can pack anything else you will be able to carry, but these three communication and signaling devices are recommended for their versatility and small size.

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