Bush Knife by Jeff White – Reviewed & Assessed

the bush one knife

Jeff White is a master blacksmith and knife enthusiasts know that any product that has his name attached to it will be one that is extremely sharp and crafted with the utmost care.

After all, there are very few blades that you can pass down proudly from one generation to the next. The Jeff White Bush 1 Knife is not only affordable, but it is extremely versatile and worth every penny.

Stick with us as we assess every last inch of it for you.

SUMMARY of What You Will Find Out in This Review:
  • Who Designed & Produced This Knife?
  • What Does Its Blade Look Like? Is It Sharp & Durable?
  • Is It Partial or Full Tang?
  • Will Its Handle Slip Out of Your Wet Hands?
  • What Material Is Its Sheath Made of?
  • Best Sources of Video Field-Tests in Survival Uses
  • Most Important Advantages & Disadvantages I Was Able to Discover
  • My Final Verdict on This Knife
  • 3 Best Places to Get Best Deals

Jeff White & Blade Smith – The Hands & Company Behind Bush 1

Mr. White is one of the best-known names in the blacksmiths community. Not only is Jeff a real professional, but he has also earned recognition as being a master!

Since 1989, Jeff has worked with a company called “Blade Smith” who is the seller of the Bush One. The company prides itself on using only the finest steel (1095 & AS203E). Quality craftsmanship, durability, and extreme sharpness are what this brand is best known for!

Our Detailed Analysis of 4 Main Bush Knife Features!

Feature #1 – Extremely Durable Fixed 5″ Blade

Blade Made By Jeff White

The Bush Knife comes with impeccable precision cut steel:

  • Material – Made from high carbon 1095 steel, the blade has been hardened to meet Rockwell 59 standards! This means it is extremely durable and will be the perfect choice for survival conditions!
  • Length – When you are out in the elements, you want to have this model by your side! The length of 5 inches is long enough for protection and to hatchet small pieces of wood without worrying about any safety-related issues!
  • Thickness – The thickness of just 1/8 of an inch is exceptional at this price range! You can nicely cut through meat if needed or use it for defense – the choice is yours!
  • Width – The width is 1 ½ inch.

This model has a fixed blade that may be a little more cumbersome to carry in comparison to folding versions, but this is what you should want to have with you when in the wilderness. Not only are these easier to react with when in a survival situation, but they are also far more durable and safe to use!

Feature #2 – Awesome Full Tang with Hammer Marks

This fixed blade comes with a full tang. It is affixed to the amazing oak handle through the use of two extremely durable brass pins. These do not add unwanted weight to the knife, which is a major benefit!

You should note this cool feature:

The manufacturer even left hammer marks on the tang to provide a real authentic look!

Feature #3 – Elegant Wooden Handle

Handsome Maple Hande For A Knife

The Bush One has a handle that comes in 2 versions: some made from maple and some that come in oak. Either wood is perfect for this model and will feel great in your hands!

  • Material – If you are worried about the wood used, a beautiful hand-finish is seen. This will ensure that it never splinters and only adds to the knife’s overall durability. Its look is sharp with each model being slightly different!
  • Width – Its width will also vary slightly from 4 ½” to 5″ depending on the individual products.
  • Length – A standard overall length of this model will be 9 ½” with the handle of 4 ½”.
  • Grasp – From the first grasp, you will notice that this product is perfectly balanced. You will be able to feel this right through its lightweight handle.

The thickness seen is not given, but it fit perfectly in my hand upon use. While smaller than some, this one seems as if it was made just for me. This is a feeling that a hand-finished handle should provide.

Feature #4 – Old-School Leather Sheath

Beautiful Leather Sheath

A classic leather sheath is seen which can be affixed to your belt. It is very durable and the material used can repel rain very well. The blade fits right into it and will not require a snap to secure it in place.

There are 2 versions of this with one coming with a sheath that includes tinder and other that does not. Naturally, the first option is preferred.

Assessment of Effectiveness in Survival Uses

MUST SEE!!! Video Field Test by SOUTHERN CROSS SURVIVAL (17:22 Minutes)

There are several uses for this blade, including:

  • Trap building
  • Defense
  • Starting fire (discussed later)
  • Heavy baton work
  • Soft and hard work as well

You can easily kill animals up close if needed, chop smaller pieces of wood for a fire and protect yourself with this product!

6 Pros

  • Extremely sharp
  • 5″ blade
  • Beautiful design
  • Diverse set of uses
  • 1095 Carbon steel
  • Exceptional feel & balance

3 Cons

  • Slightly differs from picture at times
  • Absorption felt in the handle when chopping
  • Often out-of-stock

Please note: As you can see, the positives significantly outweigh the negatives of this product.

You should learn these at all costs:

The 10 Survival Skills and Crafts You Need to Know

My Final Verdict for Survival Situations – Worth It or Not?

If you haven’t guessed it already, this is a must-have product. Avid campers, survivalists or anyone in between will find that the Bush One Knife is a fantastic buy. So many people rave about this blade that it is often on reserve, and there is a waiting list at times.

The high demand alone shows just how good this blade truly is. After all, not many models go out of stock so quickly. Is it worth the money? My answer is YES. Now, let’s see what other users recommend this for in real survival situations:

  • Starting a fire – You can easily use it to catch a spark off of a ferro rod. You may feel a slight absorption in the handle, but make sure the knife hits it at the right angle to avoid this.
  • Defense – A simple jab is all that is needed to defend yourself. Both its point and blade are very sharp which will allow you to cut through skin with ease!
  • Baton usage – We found that even during heavy baton usage, there was no issue seen with it.
  • Killing prey – While it may not be the ideal size for larger prey, it is easy to kill smaller game with this one if you don’t mind up-close combat.

YES, I Want to Get It!

You can also use this knife for cutting away foliage, chopping small to moderate branches for starting a fire and general soft and hard work around your camp.

Worth reading before making your purchase:

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3 Places I Recommend to Look for Best Deals

The cost you will have to pay for this product varies a lot depending on the seller and sheath material you choose. Therefore I have assembled for you 3 best places with the cheapest price:

  • BladeSmithJeffWhite.net – This is official product website where you can get this blade for just 39.95$. If you want sheath as well, expect to pay 69.94$! However, the only downside is that it is often out of stock.
  • Amazon.com – This is a great place to look for some discounts! Usually, the price range is between $80.00 – $110.00 depending on the model and discount. However, you need to keep in mind that offers there are changing a lot, so you need to check it out on a regular basis.
  • SelfRelianceOutfitters.com – You can get it from this shop. However, expect to pay double the price from the official website. Only the blade will cost you 69.95$. If you want sheath as well, you have 4 options to choose from that will affect the final price of this blade: official sheath ($94.94), dangler leather sheath ($101.94), one made from brown leather ($104.94) & Kydex ($124.94).

Just remember! For the price, this is a knife that can save your life and is highly effective in survival situations.

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  1. I just want to point out that the knife on the Bladesmith website is actually smaller at 4.5 inches and 3/32 inches thick. It was called the bush one. I think I just got the last one as well.

    • Thank you a lot for notifying us on this issue. I will check out that website and fix specifications if they are different in any way.

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