Celox – The Must-Have Product That Can Save Your Life

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When it comes to emergencies and survival situations, every second counts.

Having the right tools on hand and knowing how to use them can mean the difference between life and death, especially if anybody is injured!

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No matter whether you’re prepping for disaster or planning a camping trip, Celox’s hemostatic agents will ensure that you’re ready to stop any type of bleeding you may encounter.

Successful Company Behind The Celox Brand

The Celox represents a medical supplies company that produces hemostatic agents. Their products – created with chitosan (a natural polysaccharide) – are designed to stop bleeding as quickly as possible to prevent further injury or death.

Your body absorbs this material, breaks it down and converts it into materials that are normally present inside you. What is more, the company offers five individual products:

  1. Rapid
  2. Rapid Ribbon
  3. Gauze
  4. Celox-A
  5. Granules

Not only are these used in healthcare, military and law enforcement, but in animal hospitals and sports industries as well. Unlike other medical supply companies, products from this brand are also available to the general public.

You should definitely pick one of these:

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Special Way to Save Your Life

All of the first-aid stuff offered by this company contain Celox granules – the secret key to saving lives!

  1. When blood comes in contact with these, the granules swell, gel up and stick together.
  2. This creates a gel-like clot that does not generate any heat.
  3. What is more, they only do this with the blood that they come in contact with and will not offset your normal clotting cascade.
  4. As an added benefit, these products will work even with thinners and for people who are on anti-platelet drugs.
  5. Any leftover material will also be absorbed by your body. When used on cold blood, it works in just 25 seconds!

This stuff is safe to use as Celox has been tested for safety extensively to meet the FDA requirements and European Medical Device regulations.

Example of effectiveness:

To put things into perspective, consider a traumatic injury. Victims of these injuries typically become hypothermic regardless of how hot or cold it is. When this happends, blood does not clot normally and becomes increasingly difficult to stop. Thankfully, these products work just as effectively on hypothermic one as it does on normal, so you can fix bleeding quickly even after a traumatic injury.

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You should have one with you at all costs:

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Celox can be used to fix bleeding caused by:

  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Minor wounds & cuts

Many of these products are used by military, healthcare and law enforcement personnel to pre-treat injured victims before they reach the hospital.

3 Most Useful Celox Products

Product #1 – Celox Rapid, Rapid Ribbon & Gauze

Basic Celox Gauze Pack

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This company offers three versions of gauze, all including Celox granules in special form to quickly bring bleeding to an end.

The Rapid model is considered the fastest hemostatic gauze treatment and can stop arterial blood loss with minimal compression time.

The Ribbon model offers the same benefits as the above one, but is more compact and designed for narrow entry wounds.

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Keep in mind! The one inch strip is ideal for treating stab, bullet or blast fragment injuries.

Product #2 – Celox-A

The Most Effective Celox-A

Celox-A instructions guide
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Celox-A is also designed to temporarily fix narrow exit or entry injury done by bullet, stab or blast damage. When these are severe, the bleeding can be difficult to stop.

It uses a syringe-type applicator that’s pre-packed to apply the granules directly to the wound in just seconds. What is more, it can be used:

  • Through strong blood flows.
  • To treat small injuries, such as bullet entry, shrapnel and knife wounds.

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Please note! The unique applicator allows for a controlled application to successfully stop the bleeding as quickly as possible.

Product #3 – Celox Granules

Celox Granules You Need To Have

Celox granules usage demonstration
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You can also purchase Granules for home or travel use. These can be applied directly to the wound before you start applying any pressure. They will then get to work creating a gel-like clot that stops the bleeding.

What is more, these can be used on:

  • Deep & complex wounds.
  • Venous & arterial bleeding.
  • Severe & life-threatening loss of blood.

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Pay attention: Do not forget to check out and learn product instructions prior any injury happens!

3 Safety Considerations You Have to Consider

Celox has been used to treat injuries of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it can also be used to help deal with minor stuff that you may sustain while fishing, boating or during an assault. It’s a useful tool to have in your first-aid kit and may very well save your life.

  • Temporary – That being said, the product should be viewed as a temporary solution. Once the wound has been cleaned and bleeding has stopped, a bandage will need to be applied to keep the clot in place until further medical attention can be received. This should always be used as pre-treatment and should not replace professional care!
  • Only for severe cases – It’s also important to note that hemostatic agents aren’t always necessary for minor bleeds as these can typically be stopped with direct pressure. The granules are most effective on serious and life-threatening bleeds.
  • Learn first – If you do decide to add Celox to your first-aid kit, make sure that you read the directions and learn how to apply them before an emergency situation arises. If an injured person is bleeding profusely, every second counts and you don’t want to waste those seconds learning how to use it.

This brand is a great hemostatic agent that every medical bag should include. You can purchase over-the-counter Celox products designed for travel and home use that make it easy to treat severe injuries.

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While you hope to never have to use it, you will be happy to have it on hand should an emergency situation arise!

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