Esee 6 with Fixed Blade – Our Detailed Review

esee 6 knife

When you want a knife that meets military standards, there is one name you can trust: Esee!

Known for their exceptional quality, this brand offers some of the best knives in the industry in the low to mid-price range.

All made from high carbon 1095 steel, these are perfect for hard use.

Let’s take a look at the world famous Esee 6.

People Behind This Model – Randall’s Adventure & Training with Esee Brand

about esee producing company

Esee is actually a product line that is part of the Randall’s Adventure & Training brand. Founded in 1997, the company boasts exceptional, no-nonsense knives that are meant for the military and law enforcement – ones you can pass down for generations.

Known for their high quality and durability, their lineup meets many local, state and federal law enforcement standards. Randall’s Adventure stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty!

My Detailed Analysis of 4 Main Features of This Model

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1. Razor Sharp 6.5″ Blade with Plain Edge

esee 6 black blade

There are two types of Esee 6 models: plain edge and serrated. While I will be reviewing the plain edge version, the serrated one is optimal when cutting through tough meat. With that said, this product features:

  • Cutting edge of 5.75”
  • Length of 6.5”

Toward the end of the blade near the handle, there is space just in case your finger slips so you won’t cut yourself! If you know anything about the Esee brand, edges on these knives are razor sharp, so you need to be very careful. Featuring a full flat grind and a drop point, this model is great for piercing and general safety.

Keep in mind: Made from 1095 carbon steel, this knife can take a beating without fear of breakage. Thickness is 1.56” with a maximum of .188”. The blade itself is all black – so it looks great too.

2. Full Tang with Metal End for Hammering

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Featuring a full tang, even if its handle breaks, you’ll still be able to use it effectively. What’s really nice about this product is that there’s metal at its end that protrudes.

Many manufacturers are including this part to be used as a hammer. If you need to break something open, just grab it tightly and smash the bottom of the knife! Due to this feature, it’s a lot safer and easier to hammer with this model.

3. Linen Micarta Handle for Perfect Grip

Esee 6 micarta handle

Made to conform to your hands, the handle is made out of very comfortable linen Micarta. This allows it to be easily removed if needed. So, if you break it or prefer a different style, you do have the option to replace it in the future.

Comfort wise, you’ll find that this handle provides maximum gripping power and doesn’t get slippery in the rain. For me, it is a very comfortable design and the complete size is just 5.25”.

4. Brown Polymer Sheath with Belt Clip

Esee 6 desert sheath

A brown polymer sheath is included. You can wear it right on your belt buckle if you like thanks to the included belt clip. There is a cord included, but I personally find the belt clip to be more convenient and reliable.

There are lashing and cord storage holes and a drainage port at the end of the knife to reduce water damage. Near the handle, there is a friction retention mechanism that ensures it never falls out of the sheath. If you’re a lefty or righty, this is an ambidextrous-molded version.

Keep in mind: Included with it is: belt clip, mountain hardware, paracord and cord lock!

Field Test – What Use Is This Blade Good for?

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So what is this model good for? Virtually everything!

First and foremost, this knife is designed for the military, so survival and self-defense are a major benefit.

  • Survival – The grip is very solid and even when wet, the handle seems to provide more traction. If you find yourself in a critical situation, you’ll be able to successfully defend yourself.
  • Hard use – The manufacturer does state that this model is good for hard use. Whether cutting through meat or batoning, it has you covered. The one thing that I personally don’t use it for is prying. While it’s definitely able to handle the abuse of prying, it’s something I am very afraid of with any model of this size.

Pay attention: You can definitely cut through branches and do some like chopping with the Esee 6. For camping, this is my go-to knife.

5 Pros vs. 1 Con


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Razor sharp edge
  • 6.5” blade
  • Full tang
  • Made with 1095 carbon steel


  • Not the best when using a ferro rod

Keep in mind:

One thing that I want to mention is that 1095 carbon steel can rust. Even the manufacturer states that you do not want to expose these knives to water for too long. If you want to take proper care of it, keep water exposure to a minimum and never let the blade sit out in the rain.

My Comparison of Esee 6 with 5 Different Models

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1. Versus Ontario Rat 7 ($130.95)

the Ontario Rat 7

I really like the Rat 7 by Ontario. While not created by the Esee brand, this model is made from 1095 carbon steel and uses the same handle material.

My opinion:

The one major benefit to the Rat 7 is that the blade is 7” in length, which is very good for batoning.

Learn more about this model & its price here…

2. Versus Esee Laser Strike ($188.00)

esee laser strike knife

A true competitor! The Laser Strike is cheaper at just over $100 (with discounts obviously) and the handle is made of Micarta as well.

See Our Detailed Review Here

My opinion:

The main difference is that this blade is just 4.75,” which is a little shorter than I prefer.

3. Versus Buck 119 ($93.00)

image of Buck 119 special

The Buck 119 model is a very nice looking knife that spans 10.5” in length with a 6” blade that costs only $93.00.

My opinion:

It doesn’t come with the same level of durability or the razor sharp edge of the Esee 6.

Learn more about this model & its price here…

4. Versus KaBar Becker Campanion BK2 ($127.24)

the Becker BK2 Campanion

The BK2 is very popular. This product features 1095 steel and a slightly smaller blade at 5.5”. This knife is also 10.5”. The one thing I don’t like about the BK2 is the handle.

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My opinion:

The Esee 6 is superior, but for half the price, this Ka-Bar model is a great alternative if you’re on a budget.

5. Versus Swamp Rat Rodent 6 ($198.95)

The Rodent 6 by Swamp Rat is a comparable beautiful knife. It has virtually the same blade width, length and a very similar handle material.

My opinion:

The one difference is that the Rodent 6 has a firmer grip, but costs $70 more!

Learn more about this model & its price here…

Official Price of $215.95 & My Sources of Best Deals Online

You’ll be able to find this product at a lot of retailers online. Some of the best places are:

  • Amazon – Around $124 (as of 03/08/2015 12:53 PST – Details)!
  • KnifeCenter – Around $123!
  • Walmart – Around $139!

Please note:

If you’re an enthusiast, you’ll have no problem spending between $123 and $152 on this model. If there is one blade you want with you in the wild, you’ll want the Esee 6 – it’s that good!

My Final Verdict

Is this model worth buying? Absolutely. It has been tested and used extensively by military and police personnel. If it’s able to be used in the field, it’s definitely able to withstand the abuse seen on a camping trip or in a survival situation.

Get Yours HERE

While a little more costly than most of the models we compared the Esee 6 to, this knife is worth every last penny – it doesn’t get much better than this brand!

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