ESEE Laser Strike with Fire Starter – Will You Survive Longer with This Knife?

esee laser strike knife

The ESEE Laser Strike Knife is an exceptional display of quality craftsmanship and the ability to truly be useful in critical situations.

While many knives are dull and simply not practical, its manufacturer has ensured that this one exceeds expectations at a modest cost.

While definitely not as inexpensive as other models on the market, can you really put a cost on your survival?

With an included fire starter, this is the knife I would not want to be caught without in the wild. Let’s find out why this model is a must-have for serious survivalists.

ESEE Brand – The Company Manufacturing Laser Strike Model

You should never buy a knife without knowing a little something about the manufacturer. After all, these are meant for survival and not doing your due diligence before purchasing is simply asking for trouble. So who is ESSE?

This brand is a new up-and-comer in the industry (designing knives since 1997), and they do one thing extremely well: craft sharp, durable blades for tactical and emergency use. What is more, it is also a part of Randall’s Adventure Training.

The company went on to develop many of the world’s most famous models including the RTAK line. Now, the company has distributors all across the globe and their main buyer is none other than military and law enforcement personnel.

4 Core Features of Laser Strike by ESEE I Have Analyzed

1. Carbon Steel 5″ Blade with Black Power Coating

laser strike blade

Now we’re getting into the good stuff. Users will want to always take a good look at the blade so that they know if it is good for hunting, cutting branches or meat.

This model of ESEE has the following blade specifications:

  • Length – 5”
  • Thickness – 3/16”
  • Cutting edge – 4.5”

It is made from extremely durable, 1095 carbon steel and features a black powder coating. While its length is stated as being 5”, it is actually a little shorter at 4.75”. This is really not much of a concern, especially for a fixed version with this level of sharpness.

2. Solid Full Tang

Worth checking out!

How to Choose The Best Survival Knife

Worried about its durability and possibility of it snapping when used in the wild? Have no fear. The ESSE Laser Strike Knife is full tang. The solid 1095 carbon steel goes right through the handle so that it is extremely durable.

This material is highly recommended for survivalists due to partial- or no-tang versions ones often breaking where the blade and handle meet. For practicality and safety, full tang models like this one are highly recommended.

3. The 5″ Canvas Micarta Handle with Drill Divet

handle for laser strike model

A comfortable, sturdy handle is at your disposal. This is made out of Canvas Micarta. Often called just Micarta, this material is state-of-the-art and is extremely easy to grasp. Even when wet, the material’s texture makes gripping it a breeze.

One of the neat features seen is the bow drill divet. This is used when trying to create a fire with a bow. This is also the place where the fire steel flint and tinder tabs are located.

  • Its entire length is 5” and is equally proportioned to the rest of the knife.
  • If it becomes damaged or you prefer a different one, it can be removed using a simple screwdriver.
  • When gripping it, the front finger grooves will provide for a perfect grasp that is very strong and comfortable.

As far as comfort is concerned, Micarta is quite comfortable to touch!

4. Durable Kydex Sheath with Belt Clip

Sheath Of Esee Laser StrikeThe Kydex sheath that comes with this product is very durable and actually includes a tension adjuster to make it fit perfectly. What is more, it comes with a belt clip that allows it to easily clip onto your pants.

There is also a cord that holds the handle washer in place. This washer is ideal for anyone that needs to quickly access their flint and tinder as it acts as a screwdriver.

Great Field Test & Effectiveness in Survival Uses

You should have one of these:

The Best Fire Pistons out There

When in the wild, you need a knife that is sharp, stays sharp and ensures the utmost in durability. The Laser Strike exceeds these expectations.

When trying to survive, this models proves very effective for:

  • Starting a fire
  • Splitting tinder
  • Shaving off wood chips
  • Protection against animals

Users can also skin animals, kill them or cut through smaller pieces of wood if needed. While not ideal when clearing away brush due to its smaller size, it excels at all other aspects.

7 Pros vs. 1 Con

There are a lot of advantages that are seen with this model including:

  • Full tang
  • Sharp carbon steel
  • Flint & tinder included
  • Sheath included
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with a washer for handle removal
  • Terrific grip
The blade will rust if not properly taken care of by the user. This is pretty typical, but it is something users need to be aware of to maintain their knife’s longevity.
Trying to come up with any disadvantages for this model is very difficult and the above concern is the only one I was able to find (if you know about anything else just let all of us know in comments section)!

Official Price of $188.00 – Worth Every Penny

The price range of this knife varies greatly from one retailer to the next. I have personally seen prices range from $115 – $150 (See for yourself on if you do not believe me).

In either case, this is a bargain for a full tang, carbon steel blade that makes even the most difficult cutting a breeze.

Pay Attention: Including the flint and tinder, this one is priceless when it comes to survival.

My Final Assessment – Good for Survival Situations or Not?

I believe that this knife is perfect for critical situations. While it may not be best for all hard work circumstances around your camp, it is perfect for:

  • Starting a fire for cooking & keeping warm
  • Protection
  • Cutting tinder
  • Skinning animals
  • Shaving wood chips

When it comes to survival, you need a knife that you can rely on. Since this one is full tang, it already has a major advantage over the competition. For durability and functionality, this one is in a class of its own.

Get Yours HERE

The sharp blade, amazing grip and fire starting capabilities make it the model you want and need to have on yourself when trying to survive.

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