Is The Fällkniven A1 The Best Army Survival Knife?

Fallkniven A1 blade

The Fällkniven A1 is being presented as the best army survival knife on the market by many users.

Is this claim true?

I am going to find out by conducting a thorough, intense review of the A1.

You will be able to see if it really holds up to its claim.

Hint: It’s one of the top knives I’ve ever personally tested.

Fällkniven Brand – One of The Best Manufacturers Since 1987?

fallkniven homepage image

A brand out of Sweden, Fällkniven manufacturers some of the best blades in the world. While the company started out importing knives, they have been designing their own models since 1987 (it was founded in 1984).

Known for their durability and strength, this brand produced A1 models for military use with orders of 10,000. The United States army has also conducted tests using many of the company’s products and have stated that they passed their testing.

Now that we know a little bit about the brand behind the A1, it’s time to start taking a deep look at what really matters most.

My Analysis of 4 Main Features

1. Exceptional Razor Sharp 6.3″ Blade

Fallkniven A1 blade detail

The A1 is exceptional from start to finish. Starting with the ultra-sharp point, this blade is perfect if you need to protect yourself. Made from Lam. VG10 steel and having a hardness of 59 HRC, it would be difficult for you to break it.

A thickness of .24” allows for a very strong cut and the total blade length, without the handle, measures 6.3”. Out of the box, this model is razor sharp. It features a convex grind, which will take some time to sharpen correctly if you’re not used to this type.

Pay attention:

This is the most impressive blade I have ever handled before.

2. Full Tang with Metal Bottom for Hammering

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What’s really interesting about this model is that it’s a full tang, but the manufacturer states that it’s “almost” full tang since you can see the metal at the end of the handle. For all intents and purposes, this falls within the category and even if the handle broke off, you would still be able to use it.

However, when you look at the bottom, you will see that the metal protrudes a little bit. Why? This allows you to use this model for hammering if necessary. This is an invaluable feature that lesser products always get wrong.

Keep in mind:

With a full tang, you’ll receive a product that is nearly unbreakable and will never have its blade removed from the handle. Anyone that is into survival and wants a knife that can withstand a lot of abuse will always want to choose a full- over a partial tang or a “folder”.

3. Kraton 5″ Handle with Ergonomic & Textured Grip

Fallkniven A1 handle detail

Featuring the Kraton handle, this product weighs just 12 ounces and fits perfectly in your hands. Manufactured with an ergonomic grip, you’ll have full control over the blade with the utmost in comfort. Its length is just under 5”, making it 11” in total length.

At its bottom, you will see a metal hole that will allow you to tie a rope to the end of the knife if necessary. This is a great option if you’re doing heavy work and want to affix it to your wrist with a rope for extra support and safety.

Keep in mind:

There is also a textured, ribbed surface to allow for the utmost grip. You can easily use it with wet hands and not have to worry about losing your grip in the process.

4. Black Zytel Sheath with Belt Clip& Snap Button

zytel sheath for A1

Featuring the Zytel sheath, the A1 offers a neat storage option that is strong and attractive. It can accommodate both left and right hand users, and uses a snap button to ensure the knife stays in place. A clip on the back allows you to wear it right on your belt.

Unbuttoning is often an issue, but this is not the case with the Fällkniven A1. You’ll be able to quickly remove it from the holster and use it when you need it most.

Field Test – What Is It Good for?

This is amazing:

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This is a knife that does is all. Meant for military personnel, this one is ideal for:

  • Chopping
  • Cutting
  • Protection – This product is razor sharp, so from a defensive view, you’ll be able to fend off attackers or kill an animal to eat if necessary.
  • Prying is also possible if needed
  • Hammering – Featuring a protruding blade at the bottom, you’ll be able to hammer with the knife and of course, cut through brush with ease.

Keep in mind:

This is an extremely versatile product and at 11”, it will allow you to keep your distance if you’re attacked and need to defend yourself.

4 Pros vs. 1 Con of Fällkniven A1

This is crazy!

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  • Sharp & durable
  • 11” length (6.3” blade)
  • Tested by the military
  • Sharp edge even after years of use


  • A little expensive at $199 – $275

My Comparison of Fällkniven A1 with 4 Other Models

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1. Versus Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Knife ($134.99)

Cold Steel SRK

The SRK model by Cold Steel is very similar in style, both products have the same handle (Kraton) and are a great choice to buy. The major difference, besides quality, is that the SRK is 0.3” smaller in blade size and doesn’t allow for hammering and/or batoning.

My opinion:

This is a great knife if you’re on a budget.

2. Versus Esee 6 ($215.95)

Esee 6 knife

Made from 1095 steel, the Esee 6 model is one of the best knives on the market today. It has a blade that’s 6.5” in length and is also very durable and sharp.

This model even comes with the protruding hammer capabilities of the A1.

My opinion:

Sold for $50 less, the only complaint is that the A1 has a far superior handle!

3. Versus Fällkniven F1 ($184.00)

fallkniven F1

The F1 by Fällkniven is made from the same handle material, contains the same sheath and is lighter in weight. While a terrific knife, there really is no comparison to the A1.

My opinion:

The F1 only has a 3 4/5” blade, which makes it great for up-close use, but not good enough for fending off an attack or chopping.

Learn more about this model & its price here…

4. Versus Becker BK2 Campanion ($127.24)

Becker BK2 Campanion

The BK2 is an awesome knife – no doubt about it – but it’s not up there with the A1. I view the Becker as an entry-level version compared to the A1.

This knife is 0.8” smaller in the blade alone, but it does allow for hammering, skinning, prying and chopping. The BK2 is heavier in weight as well.

My opinion:

I would recommend buying both knives for the utmost in survival safety!

Official Price of $331.00 & Best Deals Available Online

So, how much will the A1 set you back? Prices from around the Internet have this model priced at $199 – $275 or higher. Most retailers stock this item in the $220 – $230 range, but this can obviously change.

Buy This Model Today on Amazon!

Who has the best deal? Amazon. You’ll find this same product for $191.88 on Amazon (as of 03/08/2015 12:53 PST – Details)!

My Final Verdict

The A1 is a knife that you must try for yourself. It can compete with the top military blades in the world and has such a high level of durability that paying a little more for this model is not an issue. It’s sharp – even after a lot of use!

Get Yours HERE

It has a 6.3” blade, a perfect ergonomic handle, and has been tested by the military. Is this the top army survival knife? It’s certainly the best I’ve ever tested.

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