Personal Review of Program Blackout USA – Will You Outsmart the Apocalypse?

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The world is in peril – there’s no denying it. It seems like every time you turn on the news; there is another mass shooting or terrorist attack that is plaguing the world.

America is in trouble, and the government won’t help you when the apocalypse hits. You’re going to have to fend for yourself and your family, but we’ve been trained to forget how to do even the most basic functions in life.

There won’t be a Walmart or Tom Thumb around the corner to buy food after the apocalypse hits. You’re going to have to live in a world that will seem completely surreal to us.

Many people will die, and it’s your duty to be prepared.

Blackout USA is the complete guide on how to outsmart the apocalypse so that you can help stabilize the world, and survive for your family.

This is a no-frills, straight-to-the-point guide that covers everything you’ll need to live in a world after world governments have completely collapsed.

Sneak-Peek to This Informative Preppers Guide

Blackout USA Table of Contents

Complete table of contents with chapters:

  1. Disclaimer (p. 11)
  2. Introduction (p. 12)
  3. HEMP (p. 15)
  4. Preparation Is the Key (p. 36)
  5. Make Your Own Energy (p. 53)
  6. Food Production and Storage (p. 77)
  7. Your House Is Your Shelter (p. 119)
  8. Safety and Defense (p. 143)
  9. Don´t Miss on Communication (p. 154)
  10. EMP Survival Community (p. 162)
  11. Bug out Bag (Just in Case) (p. 173)
  12. Summary (p. 187)

The widespread fear of nuclear weapon use is causing a panic, and it’s just a matter of time before one of the world’s governments releases a nuclear bomb.

Hemp attack in blackout usa

There’s also a growing threat of an EMP attack or electromagnetic pulse. Effectively, these pulses will destroy communication by wiping out all electronics.

But this one-of-a-kind course will help you be able to weather the storm no matter what happens to you.

The step-by-step guide includes:

  • How to shield your devices from an EMP attack.
  • Five electronics you’ll need during the apocalypse.
  • Methods on how to prevent food and medicine from spoiling when there are no longer refrigerators to help you.
  • How to circumvent violent leaders who will be trying to survive using the deadliest means.
  • How you’ll be able to use your car and appliances even after an EMP attack occurs.
  • The right way to protect your home from looters and the dangers that will occur when civilization is running wild.

Many people think that the apocalypse’s worst-case scenario will be death, but those that are left to deal with finding criminals and people at their most animalistic nature are the ones who are going to have to suffer on earth.

You need to start preparing now, so your family is safe.

darkest days bug out bag

Being prepared also means that you should have the right items you’ll need to hoard, and know which food and medicine supplies you’ll need following the destruction of the United States power grid.

All of this information is provided for you in this guide. It’s priceless for your survival.

bonuses for blackout USA

You’ll also receive the following bonuses:

Off Grid Home Protection System: How to Guide

How to Make Your Own Pharmacy

Analysts estimate that 90% of Americans will die, and survival will be “a lottery“. However, you can increase your odds with knowledge from the Blackout USA.

This company has released their own hotline so that you can talk to customer support in the United States, Canada, and internationally. However, with millions of people trying to prepare for the apocalypse, it’s understandable that this revolutionary guide will have slow customer support.

Final Verdict – One of the Best EMP Survival Guides

eBook cover for blackout USA


  • Straight to the point (no excessive fear element)
  • Step-by-step instructions to help you get started
  • Real-life examples backed by science
  • Effectively teaches you how to protect your family and loved ones
  • The only guide to life after the apocalypse in the industry that is this thorough
  • You can order physical book as well
  • Affordable price – just $37.00
  • 60-Day money back guarantee


  • Customer support is slow

Get your copy on official website

Blackout USA is a no-BS, straight-to-the-point way to survive even when the darkest hours occur. When compared to other guides on the market, this one does not try to instill fear in their readers.

You’ll receive Blackout USA’s revolutionary guide to outsmarting the apocalypse and the two bonuses for just $37.00 – far less than you would spend on a night out at a restaurant or movie theater.

The best part?

It teaches you the vital skills you’ll need to survive after the apocalypse.

If you don’t like the program or don’t find it useful, you have a 60-day window where you can ask for a 100% refund.

Click here to ensure your family survival after the apocalypse.

Alternative highly-rated survival guides:

Survive The End Days by Nathan Shepard
Family Survival System by Frank Mitchell

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