Review of Berkey Water Filtration & Purification Systems

The Best Models Of Berkey Filters

When it comes to water filtration and purification, there are very few names that can compete with Berkey.

Not only is this brand the leading manufacturer of purification systems, the company is able to provide exceptional prices!

What is more, their products are made with rarely seen precision, and customer satisfaction that is nothing short of exemplary!

Great Company from Colorado, US

Berkey really made waves when they offered fluoride filtration systems. Starting out in the late 1990s, the small company has since grown to include portable purification systems, unique products and low maintenance models for easy-to-use filtration.

Located in Pueblo, Colorado, this company only ships to customers in the United States and Canada.

Special Filtration System – The Way Berkey Products Work

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These systems are unique not because of their design, but because they outperform the competition when it comes to filtration as they are able to filter:

  • Viruses
  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Cysts
  • THM
  • VOC
  • Lindane

There are a slew of other elements that are filtered as well. Fluoride filtration is also offered with an add-on or additional filter. Simplistic in nature, these systems all use filters that utilize the gravity fed microfiltration system.

One of the best aspects about Berkey is that you can put untreated, dirty lake water inside and pure, safe-to-drink liquid will be the final product!

This allows for purification without the need for harsh chemicals ultimately leading to the cleanest water possible. All units are able to be easily transported and once assembled, you simply pour in liquids and allow the system to filter out all of the unwanted particles.

6 Portable Filtration Systems You Can Choose from!

1. Travel ($228.00)

Travel Model Of Berkey Water FilterMeant for portable filtration the Travel model was built due to customer demand!

This version, like all others, uses the same technology, but it is obviously much smaller.

Its key features are:

  • 7.5” x 18” Dimensions
  • 2.75 Gallon filtration per hour
  • 2 Black filters
  • 6 Pounds without water
  • 1.5 Gallon storage
3 Pros
  • Small in size
  • Lightweight
  • Easily transportable
2 Cons
  • Only 1.5 gallon capacity
  • Price is high compared to other models

There isn’t much bad to say about the Travel version. The faults it has are simply a matter of being travel sized. For camping trips or for the survivalist, this is the right choice!

Available here:

You can read more about or even purchase this product for $228.00 right here.

2. Big ($258.00)

Big Berkey ModelThe next step up from the Travel model is the Big version. This one is not huge in size and is still quite portable on its own.

What is more, it is meant for those that need to filter water for 4 – 16 people at a time.

You can use the Big version in your home or office as it offers:

  • 8.5” x 21” Dimensions
  • 7 Pounds empty
  • 2.1 Gallon storage
  • 3.5 Gallon purification per hour
3 Pros
  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • 2.1 Gallon capacity
1 Con
  • Needs 4 additional parts for 7 gallon output per hour.

This model does its job very well. For just $30 more than the Travel version, the Big is highly recommended for non-survival situations. With the slight increase in size and just a pound more of weight, it is safe to say that the Berkey Big will cause you no issues to transport it.

Available here:

You can find out more about or even buy this product right here ($258.00).

3. Royal ($283.00)

The Royal Water FilterThe Royal is just a step up from the Big model. It offers great filtration speed and a generous storage capacity.

This is meant for even larger groups of people ranging from 4 – 26 people.

Perfect for the little village or family gatherings, this version features the following:

  • 9.5” x 24” Dimensions
  • 8 Pounds empty
  • 3 Gallon storage capacity
  • Filters 4 gallons of water per hour
3 Pros
  • Affordably priced
  • Great for most uses
  • Large storage capacity
  • None

The Royal is the perfect fit for those just buying a filtration system. Not only can it accommodate up to 26 people, its weight is just 8 pounds when empty and will hold 3 gallons of purified water. For home use or even smaller offices, this is the best choice for the money!

Available here:

You can read more about or even purchase this product for $283.00 right here.

4. Imperial ($310.00)

The ImperialThe Imperial is a great option for any large purification needs. What makes this model stand apart from the previous 3 is that it is meant for high output.

This version is designed to produce clean drinking water for huge amount of 25 – 75 people at a time.

It features:

  • 10” x 27” Dimensions
  • 10 Pounds empty
  • 4.5 Storage capacity
  • Produces 5.5 gallons of water per hour
3 Pros
  • Good for large settings (church or family reunion)
  • Large filtration output per hour
  • Large storage capacity
1 Con
  • Not ideal for transport

The Imperial is great for serious users. You would not benefit from this model if using it for home use, but you would benefit if running a survival mission in a disaster zone or providing clean water for 25 – 75 people.

Available here:

You can find out more about or even buy this product right here ($310.00).

5. Crown ($325.00)

The Huge Crown VersionThe Crown is a mere $15 more in price than the Imperial, but this model can produce drinks for 40 – 150 people.

Meant for very large groups, this version features:

  • 11” x 31” Dimensions
  • 12 Pound weight without water
  • 6 Gallon storage capacity
  • 6.5 Gallon filtration per hour
3 Pros
  • Immense filtration capacity
  • Large storage capacity
  • Storage-ready
1 Con
  • Too large for most home uses

This is a situational filtration system meant for 40 – 150 people. The nice part about this unit is that the top of it can slide into its bottom for simple storage.

Available here:

You can read more about or even order this product right here ($325.00).

6. Light ($231.00)

The Light Blue FilterThe Berkey Light was built to offer a smaller solution than some of the larger models.

The main difference seen with this model and others is that it is small and has a BPA-free, co-polyester container instead one made of stainless steel.

This product features:

  • 10 – 20 Person water capacity
  • 9” x 28” Dimensions
  • Cloth lid
  • 7 Pound weight when empty
  • 2.5 Gallon water capacity
  • 3.75 Gallon filtration per hour
3 Pros
  • Easily transported
  • Unique look
  • Low price
2 Cons
  • LED base is an extra
  • Less durable than stainless steel models

The Light version is a little bigger than the Travel one, but it still produces much more water per hour and can accommodate more people.

Available here:

You can find out more about or even buy this product for $231.00 right here.

Top 4 Specialty Filters You Can Get

specialty filters from Berkey

There are numerous specialty filters that users can buy directly from official website of this company. These filters provide superior water filtration and include 4 distinct models.

1. Fluoride Filter ($61.00)

Extra Fluoride FiltersThis filter is one of the biggest reasons that Berkey is so popular today.

It gets rid of the fluoride found in city water that has been known to be toxic to drinkers.

This model features:

  • Greater than 95 percent fluoride reduction
  • 2 Filters per order
  • 8 Month longevity
2 Pros
  • Filters fluoride
  • Arsenic filtration
2 Cons
  • Lasts for 1,000 gallons
  • Needed in conjunction with other filters

Pay attention:

You can find out more about or even get this product for special price of $54.00 right here.

2. Sport ($31.00)

Sport Berkey Water BottleThis Sport Bottle is the perfect choice for the gym or the athlete that wants purified water at all times.

This model is great because it is priced at just $28 and offers even the ionic filtration technology.

The sport bottle features:

  • 25 Gallon refill capacity from questionable sources.
  • 100 Gallon refill capacity when using municipal water.
2 Pros
  • Filters heavy metals
  • Small in size
2 Cons
  • Does not filter arsenic nor fluoride
  • Needs frequent filter changes

Available here:

You can find out more about or even buy this sport bottle for special discounted price of $28.00 here.

3. Shower Filter ($80.00)

Shower FIlter MountHarmful chemicals come right out of your showerhead and enter into your skin.

When running hot water, this can lead to bad odors, chlorine chemical absorption, mold and more.

The shower filter features:

  • 95 Percent chlorine reduction
  • Reduction of iron & sulfide
  • Effective with hot & cold water
  • Massage mode
4 Pros
  • Filters 25,000 gallons of water
  • Reduces hair damage
  • Reduce iron & chlorine smells
  • Massage shower head setting
  • None

Available here:

You can read more about or even order this shower filter for special discounted price of $64.00 here.

4. Go Kit ($150.00)

The Package Of Berkey GoThe Go Kit is a small system that allows for on-the-go filtration when you need it most. This kit includes:

  • Sport bottle
  • Black filter
  • Carrying case
  • Stainless steel Berkey
3 Pros
  • Complete kit
  • 1 Gallon filtration per hour
  • Just 3 pounds when empty
1 Con
  • Only meant for single users

Available here:

You can find out more about or even buy this kit for special discounted price of $150.00 here.

Replaceable Filters

Berkey filters are known for their longevity, but they will need to be replaced eventually. Therefore, this company offers replacements for all of their filters right online. The following items are offered:

  • 2 Black water elements for $107.
  • 2 Fluoride water filters for $54.
  • Single Shower filter for $44.
  • Single Sport replacement for $13.

5 Other Most Common Replaceable Parts

replacement parts

The parts of some of the systems will need to be changed as they age or if they break. Berkey offers a modular design which means replacing parts is quick and easy. Let’s take a look at the parts that you can easily replace if they happen to break.

  1. Spigot – Replacement spigots cost $10 and are offered for all units. This is where the water comes out of the tank and flows right into your cup.
  2. Hole plugs – For $4, hole plugs can be purchased for all stainless steel units.
  3. Spigot washers – As your unit ages, the washers that go between the spigot and your tank will start to crack and dry out. These washers are available for just $3 and come in sets of 2.
  4. Wing nuts & washers – A set of wing nuts and washers are available for just $4.
  5. Light parts – The Light version does not feature any metals and may exhibit cracks or wear on the tanks. Therefore, this company offers the following parts specifically for the Light model: Lower and upper water chambers for $65 each, standard base for $25, LED base for $91.

6 Great Accessories

Berkey accessories

There are a few accessories that can be purchased directly from official website of this company. These are not a necessity, but you will find that these accessories will help you get the most out of your water filtration system. The following accessories are available:

  1. Sight glass spigot – The Spigot allows users to see just how much water is left in their tank. This Spigot costs $39 and is only available for Travel, Big, Imperial, Royal and Crown models.
  2. Filter stand – Raise your Berkey 5 feet off of the ground with the stainless steel wire stand. Prices range from $29 – $39 dollars, and Travel, Royal and Imperial models are the only ones that are compatible with the stand.
  3. Metal water bottle – A nice alternative to plastic bottles. The Thinksport holds 12 to 25 ounces of water depending on the model chosen. There is not a price listed on the company website.
  4. Stainless steel spigot – Sometimes, a plastic spigot simply won’t get the job done. There is a metal spigot offered for all stainless steel models which offers a sleek look and the utmost in longevity. This spigot is priced at just $24.
  5. Maintenance kit – This company offers a complete maintenance kit for anyone trying to repair or properly maintain their purifier. For just $28, this kit includes: scrubbing pads, spigot, wing nuts and washers, priming button, 2 hole plugs & replacement knob.
  6. Primer – The Black Primer allows you to successfully prime Black Berkey Elements without the need for a water source. It costs just $25.

4 Most Common Reported Issues I Was Able to Discover

Although customers do not have many complaints seen with Berkey, there are actually few that are posted online. The following issues seem to happen to a very small percentage of users:

  1. Leaking caused by incorrect tightening.
  2. Cracking spigot washers causing leaks.
  3. Dented items from shipping.
  4. Bacteria growth if not properly maintained.

These are the common issues that have been seen and most are either consumer-related, or they are caused by improper maintenance or shipping.

Pay attention: While some complaints are always seen when buying products, I was not able to find complains about the immense filtration or quality of the water filtered.

My Comparison with 3 Competing Brands

Brita Katadyn Berkey

1. Berkey vs. Katadyn

This is great option to consider:

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Katadyn offers smaller filtration systems, so size will not be included in this comparison. Instead, Berkey offers their own comparison that is highly accurate.

  • What is more, it includes virus removal while Katadyn does not.
  • The daily output of the Big version is 84 gallons with max output of 168 gallons. The Garvidyn model from Katadyn can only output 24 gallons of water per day.
  • Usually, Berkey filters last for 3,000 gallons while those offered by Katadyn last for a mere 730 gallons.

In terms of pure filtration, Berkey far exceeds Katadyn!

2. Berkey vs. Brita

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Brita is a great household purifier, but the company does not compare to Berkey. A few of the most startling statistics seen between the Berkey Big and the Brita faucet filter are:

  • Pricewise, the faucet filter costs a mere $35 while the Big costs $258.
  • Filter life for the Big is 6,000 gallons while Brita only lasts 100 gallons.
  • Virus removal is seen in the Berkey.
  • Both models remove 99 percent of chlorine.
  • Brita removes 99 percent of lead, beating Berkey’s 96 percent removal.
  • However, it can remove fluoride with the proper filter.

3. Berkey vs. Pro Pur

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Pro Pur and Berkey compared their “Big” models against each other. The following results were seen:

  • Berkey offers virus removal wherein Pro Pur does not.
  • Output of Berkey’s model was 84 gallons with a max output of 168 gallons. Pro Pur can filter 9 gallons at the base level and 18.5 maximum.
  • Pro Pur was higher than all other models except Berkey with gallons per filter at 1,500. Berkey filters last for 3,000 gallons.
  • Both models pass the food floor and turbidity flow rate test.

Pro Pur offers the closest competition in portable filtration, but they still fall short in my comparison.

5 Best Places to Get These Products for the Cheapest Price

Berkey products can be found online and at great prices. There are a few options available when looking for these. The following 5 stores offer these water filtration and purification systems for great overall prices:


The interesting fact is that all of the mentioned stores have around the same, if not the same, exact price. Sometimes, Amazon will have cheaper options, but this is usually a rarity. Choosing the outlet that is offering the best shipping price is recommended as a result!

5 Sources of Top Discount Codes & Coupons

Scouring through many coupon sites, such as RetailMeNot, I was not able to find any real coupons or codes that stuck out as amazing deals. In fact, the only codes that were available were merely the current deals offered on the respective website without any coupon needed to be added.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the manufacturer is already offering the lowest price possible, and the best I could find were free shipping codes. However, before you purchase your purification system, you should scan following 4 best coupon sites to see if any deals are ongoing:


Keep in mind:

Most of the deals listed will be for the respective store, such as free shipping. However, you can get up to 50% discount on special models. Just have a look at those sites and spend few minutes browsing through the deals for Berkey products.

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