Review of Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife

Buck 110 folding knife

Thinking of buying the Buck 110 folding hunting knife?

An extremely popular option, this one is not only stylish, but also very affordable and comes with a sharp blade that is versatile.

Not only that, it is one of the better models in this price range.

What is more, it comes from one of the best brands in the business – Buck Knives.

Let’s take a look at what this product has to offer.

The Buck Knives Company & Famous Forever Warranty!

Buck Knives company site

The this brand started in 1964. Surprisingly, the very same product you’re looking at right now was the first model introduced – the 110 Hunter. While the new version has been perfected over the past 50 years, the company has grown to be one of the best in hunting and tactical blades. Revolutionary, Buck’s folding technology and locking system helped it to grow into the famous brand it is today.

Quality and durability have been its backbone over the past 4 generations of owners. Still a family-owned business, it offers something others don’t – the Forever Warranty. Under the warranty, if the product is defective in any way, the company will repair or replace it. You can even request a repair if your knife has sentimental value.

Please note:

This brand only adheres to this promise if your problem is not normal or improper-use related. You need to realize that knives are not meant to be hammers or screwdrivers!

4 Core Features I Have Analyzed into Details!

1. Stainless Steel 3 ¾” Blade with Satin Finish

Buck 110 blade

When you’re buying a knife, its blade is one of the most important aspects. Made from 420HC steel clip, this one is sharp and doesn’t dull easily. In total, its length is 3 ¾”, which is long enough for most uses.

The technology that Buck uses with this model ensures that it never opens in your pocket. This is due to the nail-notch lockback design. Larger in size than most folding knives, you’ll need two hands to successfully unfold this one for its use – this is a good thing. When finished, the blade locks tightly in the closed position.

Word of caution:

This product is razor sharp. Make sure that you have a proper grip when piercing or using the knife, or you will be in trouble. As you’ll see further down in this review, you can easily skin a deer with the 110.

2. Half Tang with Patented Nail Notch Locking Mechanism

This is obviously not a full tang version and is meant for folding. Buck’s patented locking technology ensures a tight close.

Keep in mind:

Since this one is a “folder” it’s not recommended for prying or hammering.

3. Macassar Ebony Dymondwood Handle with Polished Brass Bolsters

handle of Buck 110

Made with the Dymondwood wood-grain, this handle is a classic. Not only is the wood easy to grip, but there are polished brass bolsters that make it aesthetically pleasing. When you fold the knife, it will have a total length of 4 7/8”, which is the size of its handle.

Pay attention:

The top and bottom metal pieces are gold, while the middle features the wood-grain. There are no finger grips included, but there is a curve that allows for a strong grip.

4. Elegant Black Leather Sheath

Buck 110 leather sheath

You won’t have to buy a sheath with the Buck 110 as this company includes one made from a beautiful leather for you. Made from black or brown leather, it can be attached to your hip or belt with ease.


This is actual genuine leather so you should maintain it properly!

Field Test of Best Uses

These are crazy but very helpful!

6 Easiest Ways to Open a Can Without Can Opener

There is a lot more to this model than just looks and specifications. When we used it in the field, it was a lot more versatile than we would have imagined. You wouldn’t want to hammer or pry with it (as the manufacturer states), so it’s not ideal for those situations.

With any folding blade, you don’t want to put too much strain on the point where it meets the handle or you risk breakage. So, what is this product good for?

  • Defense – You will be able to easily pierce skin with this knife and defend yourself.
  • Skinning – Reviewers have stated that skinning was a breeze with it as well.
  • Preparation – Cutting meat or other foods is simple due to its great sharpness.

Keep in mind:

Cutting rope, opening boxes and other basic usage is a breeze with its sharp edge. With a weight of 7.2 ounces, this one is a little heavier than other “folders” out there.

5 Pros vs. 3 Cons

Must have models:

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Below you can find most common advantages we were able to identify:

  • Razor sharp
  • Comes with a sheath
  • Unmatched warranty
  • Great locking technology
  • 3 ¾” blade

Pay attention:

These are all the pros, but what about the cons? Well, there is nothing I would change about this one. Going off of other reviewers on Amazon, some users didn’t like the sheath. Others complained about slow shipping, and one had blade play.

My Comparison of Buck 110 with 4 Other Models

1. Versus Cold Steel Recon 1 Knife with Plain Edge ($122.99)

Recon 1 with plain edge

Black in color, the Reckon 1 by Cold Steel is a very close match to the Buck in terms of price and durability. It doesn’t quite reach its prestige, but it does come with a longer blade at 4” and an almost identical price.

Its only issue is that you need to sharpen it often and it squeaks when folding. However, it is still a product that I recommend adding to your hunting kit.

My opinion:

The locking is also difficult to open, which makes the 110 beat Cold Steel in terms of usability!

2. Versus Opinel Carbon Blade No10 ($17.95)

Opinel carbon blade No10

The NO10 by Opinel is a true competitor to the Buck because it is a folding knife with a beautiful wood handle. Featuring carbon steel, this is a durable product with a 3 15/16” blade, slightly longer than the 110. Although it is priced well below the one we review in this post, it is a little odd to open.

My opinion:

While not as durable, we do recommend the NO10 because it’s so affordable.

3. Versus Buck 105 Pathfinder ($80.00)

Buck 105 Pathfinder knife

The 105 Pathfinder by Buck is the little brother of the Hunter model. This blade is perfect for outdoor use and has a length of 5”. A full tang is present, so you won’t be able to fold it up and put it in your pocket.

My opinion:

With that said, you will be able to skin animals with its sharp edge and use it for prying better than you could with the 110.

4. Versus Buck 119 ($93.00)

image of Buck 119 special

The 119 by Buck is an amazing knife that is meant for hunting. It is made by the same company and has a blade of 9”. The main difference is the fact that 119 is not foldable and has a full tang.

My opinion:

This makes it better for hard use than any “folder”!

Official Price of $77.00 & My Top 2 Places to Get Best Deals

As we were browsing through the internet, we have found following websites with best deals:

  1. – Here, you can find from time to time some of the best deals on this one, with price ranging between $36.99 – $96.20 (as of 03/08/2015 12:53 PST Details).
  2. – By making your purchase through official website you can be sure to get the highest quality and support. But you have to expect to pay $77.00 for classic & $87.00 for version with finger groves on its handle.

So, how much can you expect to pay for this product? A measly $43! With a 4.9 star rating out of 5 and 800+ satisfied customers, this product is a steal. In fact, you also get the amazing Forever Warranty!

My Verdict – Worth It or Not?

Now that I’ve looked at all of this knife’s features, the question lingers: should you buy it or not? Out of all the folding knives on the market, I wouldn’t leave home without the Buck 110!

Get Yours HERE

It’s not only razor sharp and holds its edge, but this brand has shown time and time again that they’re all about quality and customer service.

Pay attention:

If you’re out in the wilderness often or you’re a hunter, there is no other option. Buy the 110. Period!

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