Review of Coghlans Fuel Tablets

Coghlans fuel tabletsNo matter whether you’re camping, hiking or in a survival situation, solid fuel tablets offer a quick and convenient way to cook food and boil water.

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They’re ultra-lightweight, incredibly compact and perfectly paired with emergency stoves.

While there are quite a few of these on the market, Coghlan’s #9565 capsules are ideal for the budget-conscience disaster preppers or outdoor enthusiasts!

Fuel Capsules Made by Coghlan’s – Are These Really Any Good?

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These capsules were especially designed for use with Coghlan’s Emergency Stove. These solid fuel capsules offer clean burning stuff and are easily ignited with just one match or a lighter!

  • Main features – Each tablet will burn for approximately 9 minutes and is no bigger than a US quarter. They’re small enough to be stored in clean old pill bottles, coin tubes or a simple Ziploc bag.
  • Packaging – Each pack comes with 24 pieces, and because of their small size, you can carry numerous tablets without weighing yourself down.
  • Effectiveness – It takes approximately three minutes to boil one cup of water with 2 capsules. For two cups, it may take five minutes or more.

All things considered, this is a relatively short boil time and will allow you to easily make coffee, tea, ramen noodles or dehydrated meal!

Secret of Hexamine – Main Substances of Coghlan’s #9565 Fuel Tablets

These capsules are made from hexamine so they burn without smoke and boast a high energy output. What is more, these work safely when used correctly, they don’t liquefy and don’t leave any ashes behind!

  • Without getting too technical, hexamine is prepared by the reaction of ammonia and formaldehyde. Because of the noxious fumes these tablets produce, foods must be cooked inside a pot or pan. What is more, these often leave dark and sticky residues on the bottom of pans, so keep this in mind when making your purchase!
  • The biggest issue with hexamine versions is that they’re sensitive to wind. A simple windscreen should be used whenever possible to increase their efficiency. Wind and damp conditions can cause the tablet to burn inefficiently or break down and shed burning fragments (although this is an incredibly rare occurrence).
  • Most emergency stoves will account for wind, but if you make your own, you may also need to create your own windscreen as well. This can be done with a simple strip of aluminum foil curved into a circular shape around the pot and the stove.

Keep in mind!

Unlike other forms of fuel, the heat generated by hexamine cannot easily be controlled. Boiling water is easy, but simmering can be a challenge. This is generally not an issue with most users as backpackers, campers and survivalists usually aren’t concerned with cooking gourmet meals.

Achieve Infinite Shelf Life!!!

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When stored properly, Coghlan’s solidcapsules have an almost infinite shelf life. Issues only arise when they are exposed to certain elements or damp conditions. The manufacturer recommends storing these in a cool, dry place and a closed container.

What is more, they should be kept away from strong acids, sparks, flames and heat to avoid unpredictable conditions. Once you open the package, you’ll need to find a storage container for them.

As mentioned previously, pill bottles, coin containers and Ziploc bags work well for this purpose. Just make sure that they remain in a cool, dry area and that the container you choose can be sealed.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – Follow These 6 Rules to Avoid Injury

coghlans material safety data sheet
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While this brand is generally safe, there are some precautions that you should take for added safety. For starters, you should take the time to read the product’s MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

The MSDS will provide you with information on how to store these as well as their toxicological information, disposal considerations and ecological information. According to that document, you should handle these with care.

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling these.
  2. Avoid any contact with your clothing, skin or eyes.
  3. Do not ingest or inhale the tablets.
  4. Use them with adequate ventilation. Generally, this means avoiding their usage indoors.
  5. Do not expose to heat, sparks or open flames.
  6. Keep away from any strong acids. When exposed to acids, hexamine can convert to toxic formaldehyde.

What is more, these can cause eye, skin, gastrointestinal and respiratory tract irritation with chronic exposure or ingestion leading to eye and skin redness, respiratory sensitization, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

If the area is well ventilated and you follow the safety guidelines outlined in the MSDS, you should not experience these issues. Just remember to put safety first and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Coghlans vs. Esbit Fuel Tablets: Which One is Better?

coghlans vs esbit fuel tablets

The biggest competitor in this industry is Esbit. This brand has been a favorite of campers and hikers for a very long time, but Coghlans gives them a run for their money these days.

  • Price – As far as price is concerned, Coghlan´s tablets (CT) have the upper hand. You can purchase pack of 24 for just $5.19 while for 12 Esbit tablets (ET), you’ll pay close to $6.00!
  • Burning time – Although it may seem like you’re paying double the price with ET, the burning time is something you need to consider as well. Each Esbit capsule lasts for 13 minutes, whereas Coghlans only burn for 9 minutes. Some reviewers also noted that you need two CT to boil a cup of water, but only one ET to do the same! It may appear as if you’re getting more for your money with CT, but the two are actually priced on the same level.
  • Effectiveness – As far as effectiveness is concerned, both brands are comparable in performance. Esbits may have a longer burning time, but both are made from the same material “hexamine”.

As you can see, if you buy tablets from any of these 2 competing brands, you will not throw away your money as they have very similar effectiveness and pricing.

Coghlans as well as Esbit products can be purchased from local sporting goods stores and online from trusted retailers like or

Buy Esbit Here

Buy Coghlans Here

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