Review of Grover Rocket Stove – Is It Good for Camping?

heavy duty Grover rocket stove

Have you gone camping and had to gather wood and build a fire to start cooking?

Now, you can bring your own portable stove with you to eat traditional camping foods and cook them to a delectable taste each and every time!

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The Rocket Stove is a portable oven that has been designed for camping. Weighing just 11 pounds, this is a product that can be carried easily.

What is more, it efficiently conducts heat so that even with just a little amount wood, a small fire is more than enough to cook up your favorite meals!

Extremely Hot Fire with Small Amount of Wood

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Grover brand works by placing twigs, branches or other pieces of small wood into the top tube and the stove does the rest. The best method of starting a fire is to:

  1. Place paper into the tube and stuff it down.
  2. Light the paper on fire and allow oxygen to get the proper flames started.
  3. Stuff tiny, dry branches or twigs into the tube to keep them going.

It is really easy to get the fire started and this oven will get extremely hot. You will want to know that there is an opening in the front and flames often come out of this opening. For safety reasons, you will want to stand near the back of the stove so that you do not get burned.

The way this oven works is through insulation on the sides. Flames, even a very small one, will allow you to cook burgers or anything else you would like in just few minutes. The best part is that the outside paint is rated to 1200 degrees. You can touch the handle and you will not be burned, which is a nice feature if you need to move the oven at any time!

3 Extremely Durable Versions to Choose from

3 Main Types Of Rocket OvensThere are three main versions of the Grover Rocket Stove that you will want to know about.

While each version cooks delightful meals, they all have their own special uses.

All models feature the following:

  • Very little ash left behind, making cleanup simple and easy.
  • Low smoke production.
  • Boils water in just 12 minutes.
  • Cooks fish, chicken, meat and other favorites just as well as a barbecue.
  • Insulated with perlite for effective heat conduction.

Below, I am going through specifications and special features of individual models.

1. Classic

The Classic version offers a smaller stove that differs from the stainless steel and heavy duty models in size and portability.

It features:

  • A minimum size with a maximum of 16″ in height with legs attached.
  • A minimum height of 11″ with legs removed
  • 8 inch cooking surface with the widest area being 13.25″.
  • 2 handles for easy carrying.
  • Just 11 pounds
  • Made of steel

2. Stainless Steel

This version of Rocket Stove is efficient, portable and very durable.

A few key features to note are:

  • Only 13″ tall with a cooking surface of 8″.
  • Small in size and a portable handle allow for easy transport.
  • Can be placed on the ground or lifted thanks to legs which makes it standing height.

An obvious stainless steel finish is seen with this model.

3. Heavy Duty

This version is nearly identical to the above version but differs slightly with the weight being 17 pounds.

A few other differences include:

  • Made with heavy duty, 11 gauge cold rolled steel.
  • Meant for hard and though usage.
  • Twice as thick as the classic model.
  • Steel handle allows for easy transport.
  • A maximum of 13 inches wide with an 8 inch cooking surface.

Comparison of Grover vs. Phoenix Rocket Stove

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The Phoenix brand is the strongest competitor that Grover sees. Let’s see how these two models compare to each other.

  • Burning – Both models utilize insulation to ensure that burning and heat production are at optimal levels despite a low amount of fuel provided. In burning, both brands are nearly identical.
  • Produced heat – Neither oven provides a heat production range, but both are capable of cooking meats, vegetables and boiling water.
  • Materials needed – Both models use the same material such as twigs, branches and even leaves for preparing easy meals.
  • Price – Price is where the major difference is seen. The Grover Rocket Stove is priced between $135 and $235. The Phoenix version is priced between $126 and $180+, depending on the size.
  • User experience – Both ovens provide great heat and ideal cooking conditions, but the Grover model provides a surface of 8″ while the other brand starts at just 4″.

My verdict:

While the Phoenix stoves are smaller in size, they are often impractical if there is more than one person that needs to be fed when in the wild!

3 Best Places to Get Grover Portable Ovens on Sale

There are a few places where you can find these rocket ovens to buy. The typical outlets include the following:

  1. – Typically used or third-party sold, you will be able to get the classic and heavy duty models. However, the prices are the same as the manufacturer’s website, so you will not be getting the normal deal that Amazon is known for.
  2. (Manufacturer) – Grover Rocket sells their models right on their storefront with easy payment methods available.
  3. – A general site that offers ovens of all types within its inventory!

You will not find many sources, if any, that do not have the same prices listed.

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