Review of Spyderco Para Military 2 Folding Knife

Spyderco Para Military 2 knife

Spyderco has been leading the knife industry for years.

The company’s best model is the Para Military 2 (PM2), which features an ultra-sharp blade and a beautiful look.

Known by critics all over the world as the near perfect knife, it’s time to take this one for a test spin ourselves.

Spyderco Brand – Notable Facts You Have to Know

Spyderco company website

Spyderco has been around since 1978 and is based out of Golden, Colorado. The cutlery company is known for their folding knives and has over 86 patents on their revolutionary styles.

The company has experimented with a variety of steels from 52100 and 440C among dozens of others. Not only that, it has also worked with others to create custom models for a variety of different makers, including the Byrd brand.

3 Main Features I Have Analyzed

1. Full Flat Steel 3.438″ Blade

Paramilitary 2 blade

Starting with the blade, I noticed that this model was exceptional. Spanning over 8” in length when opened, this is far bigger than most pictures let on.

All of the specs are listed below:

  • Shape – Full flat-ground
  • Length – 3.438”
  • Thickness – .141”
  • Material – CPM S30V steel
  • Fixed or Folding – Folding

What is more, this model is sharp – I mean really sharp. You can cut hairs with this blade if you wanted. A thin 0.141″ blade folds nicely and is easily unfolded for fast use. The signature design features a 14mm round hole that makes unfolding even easier and is meant for gloved or large hands that want a little more leverage.

Pay attention:

The company boasts that this model has one of the world’s strongest locks ever produced!

2. Half Tang with Compression Lock Mechanism

folded Paramilitary 2 blade

Featuring a half tang, this knife can break under heavy usage, but users won’t have to worry about that – much. A screw construction is seen that keeps the ultra-durable steel together and would only break under an immense amount of stress and pressure.

  • Folding is flawless with the blade fitting perfectly within the handle.
  • Locking has been improved. The custom lock is DLC-coated. It uses compression lock technology, which is a proprietary of Spyderco.

The boasting of the proprietary lock system had me nervous at first, but it opened and closed with ease. However, even when running with it on belt or in pocket, it never unlocked.

Pay attention:

If you’ve owned cheaper knives in the past, you know just how much of a potential danger it can be to have a knife suddenly open in your pocket. With its sharpness, you would definitely need several stitches!

3. Ergonomic & Textured G-10 Handle with Black Steel Clip

handle of Paramilitary 2 model

The handle is so important on a knife because it allows you to easily grip it and maneuver it perfectly for the utmost in precision. There are various color variations from single to camo versions. The one on the Para Military 2 is all black and made of G-10 material. Ergonomically made, this handle is narrow at the end and provides great handling when open.

When the blade is folded, the total width is just 4.812”. The G10 version is textured, so even in the rain, we had a great grasp on it. At its end, there is a hole that you can add a loop too if needed. This will expand its carrying options.

Handle curves are added to enhance the user’s grip even further and to prevent any slipping from occurring. If there’s one thing that should never happen with a knife, it’s slipping while cutting. What is more, there is a black steel clip that comfortably fits right on your belt buckle and puts it in a point down position. This provides the utmost in safety!

Keep in mind:

If you fall, you won’t have to worry about being pierced by the tip of your blade. Lefty or righty, you’ll also be able to remove the PM 2 from your buckle with ease.

Field Test – What Use Is This Blade Good for?

Worth having one of these:

Review of Top 10 Survival Knives Worth Your Money

Such a small blade is obviously not the best choice for hard use. While it is very durable, I wouldn’t recommend trying to pry or chop thick branches with this one. Even with an ultra-sturdy handle, I wouldn’t recommend it!

However, for soft use, you’ll be able to:

  • Cut food
  • De-bark branches
  • Cut cardboard & other similar materials
  • Cut through rope
  • Preparation

For survival and self-defense, there’s no doubt that this knife can help you win a fight. My issue is that you wouldn’t want to be within inches of a bear or a coyote in the woods. With a total length of 8.281” open, you probably can ward off even bigger game.

My opinion:

Personally, I like to stay away from game, but if this blade is all you have, you can definitely do some damage and defend yourself with it.

4 Pros vs. 2 Cons I Discovered

This method is crazy yet simple:

Use Gum Wrapper Plus Battery to Start Fire


  • Extremely sharp blade that doesn’t lose its edge.
  • Smooth opening.
  • Large hole for easy unlocking.
  • Ergonomic handle allows for complete control without slippage.


  • Its tip is a bit weak and can bend.
  • Some users had an issue with the clip.

The Spyderco PM 2 is not without fault. As we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to pry with this knife. The issues with the clip seem to be an old one that has now been fixed. It should be noted that the clip issue did not reduce its functionality.

My Comparison of Para Military 2 with 3 Other Models

1. Versus Caly 3.5 ($209.95)

Spyderco Caly 3.5

The Caly 3.5 is another knife by Spyderco. Although it is very similar to the model reviewed here, it doesn’t have the opening on the back of the handle.

  • While the blade is slightly longer at 3.5”, it is thinner and has a shorter overall length when opened.

My opinion:

This model is great, but the smaller thickness allows it to bend with great ease, making it less durable than its counterpart!

2. Versus Sage 3 ($249.95)

Spyderco Sage 3

The Sage 3 features a shorter blade length at exactly 3” and has a slightly direct handle texture.

  • The Sage’s blend has more of a curvature and is not as thick!

My opinion:

In all other aspects, this model is very similar to the Para Military 2.

3. Versus Native 5 ($219.95)

Spyderco Native 5

Finally, the Native 5 comes with numerous handle choices, but we choose the G-10 for our comparison.

  • This knife is only .2 ounces lighter, yet it is much smaller at 6.875” total length when opened and 3” of blade length.
  • The thickness is also just .125”, which is slightly less than the model reviewed.

My opinion:

All of these knives are very close to each other in style, but with a longer overall length and a thicker blade, I would always choose the Para Military 2 over any of its counterparts.

My 3 Best Places to Get Cheapest Price

Below are top 3 websites I was able to discover with best price:

  • – Official price for camo version is $217.95. However, this model is often out of stock! Therefore, check out availability of other variations like black G-10!
  • – This place offers great discounted prices! For example digital camo version is offered with 36% discount (at the time of writing this article)!
  • – You can expect to find various prices in range of $102.72 – $289.25 (as of 03/08/2015 12:53 PST – Details).

Keep in mind:

This is a mid-priced model. You can find it, along with different color versions, for between $130 and $200, depending on the seller and discount offered!

My Verdict – Worth Your Money or Not?

The ultimate question: should you buy this model? My answer – absolutely YES! Should you rely on it in survival situations? NO! For a folding knife, the Para Military 2 is extra-durable and has a blade that rarely needs to be sharpened.

An ergonomic and easy grip hole allow for quick opening and can even accommodate users that are wearing gloves!

Get Yours HERE

For a smaller knife that’s easy to conceal, this is the best option on the market. Therefore, I highly recommend you to purchase yours today.

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