The Best Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

zombie apocalypse

What would happen if the world as we know it had the “reset” button pushed? What if you could no longer drive to the grocery store to get food, turn on the tap for water or call the police if you needed help?

REMEMBER!!! This Article Will Give You List of Everything You Need to Fight Undead & Survive!

That’s scenario many people contemplate when they think of the Zombie Apocalypse. Though most of us readily admit they don’t believe in the undead reanimating and walking the earth again, movies and books depicting these scenarios aren’t far off from what could occur.

If the grid went down, if we were cut off from the pillars of civilization we so readily take for granted, how long until we would lose our humanity? And without it, wouldn’t we resemble droves of roaming, lifeless monsters willing to take or destroy whatever would sustain them?

11 Things to Pack & Prepare at All Costs!!!

For the reasons mentioned in the introduction many people have begun preparing for the worst. Part of this means having a survival kit ready to leave with at the drop of a hat if need be. If you’ve thought about the undead crisis before and how well you’d do, continue reading.

We’ll cover what goes into a good Zombie Apocalypse Kit and recommend some brands you can buy at the end.

Item #1 – Water Purifier & Tablets for Clean Drink

The Newest Water Purifying BottleWithout water, you will die within a matter of days. However, drinking contaminated one won’t do you any favors either.

So pack a purifier that you can use on the go. There are many affordable models these days that resemble a bottle and can distill water as you drink through it.

It’s also a great idea to have purifying tablets. These pills dissolve in dirty water and kill any bacteria. Trust me that they’ll come in handy if anything goes wrong with your purifier and they’re so small, you’ll be able to get plenty!

Pay attention:

I highly recommend you to check out more info about how do these capsules work and where to get them in this post: Water Purification Tablets – Reliable Way to Get Clean Drink Anywhere!

Item #2 – Field Guide

Survival Guide For Zombie Apocalypse

While it will be to your advantage to learn as much about survival in the meantime, when the apocalypse strikes, it’ll help to references on hand.

A field guide on natural edible plants and one for survival won’t take up much space, but will come in very handy.

Trust me that without any proper guidance from experts on extermination of hordes of living dead you will hardly survive first few days.

Just pack it up into your bug-out-bag and study in advance the physiology and behavior of zombies! It costs just $11.50 (paperback) on Amazon.

Item #3 – Waterproof Matches & Lighters

Yellow Box With Waterproof MatchesEven with a reference guide showing you how to build a fire, it’ll be to your advantage if you’re able to start one up immediately in an emergency.

For this reason both waterproof matches and lighters are advisable. To be honest, matches receive preference as they’re extremely durable and can suffer through the elements.

However, a survival lighter is small enough that it wouldn’t be difficult to pack. Plus, it could be beneficial for barter trade!

For your interest:

If you want to have best possible solution for starting fire in any conditions, then I highly recommend you Swedish Firesteel version 2.0!

Item #4 – Night Vision Goggles for Incredible Advantage

Military Grade Night Vision ScopeWhen the grid goes down, electric light will largely become a thing of the past. Having night vision goggles will come in handy at dark, then.

Click Here to Get One from

While they’d have a limited shelf life due to their battery, they’d still be worth their weight in gold if used sparingly.

Imagine the advantage it would give you over zombies or marauders if you could travel through the dark without needing a flashlight or fire to give away your position to those brain-eating monsters!

Item #5 – First Aid Kit for Addressing Minor Injuries

Simple First Aid Kit To GoNo matter how well you prepare, they don’t call it a Zombie Apocalypse because it’s going to be pretty. Chances are you’ll get scraped and injured at the very least.

Without so many of our modern day amenities, even a tiny cut could be enough to cause serious pain and larger problems down the line. So do not forget to pack this in your bug-out-bag.

For more sever cuts and injuries such as gun wounds try celox!

By the way:

Did you know that even US Government had released list of stuff you need to have in your zombie emergency kit? I am not kidding you can check it out here –

Item #6 – Medium Sized Sharp Knife

Old Knife Great For OutdoorsYou’ll want a good, sharp blade that’s small enough to go on your person, but not so large it won’t be able to work in odd angles.

There is a number of camping versions that fit the bill right here – Review of Top 10 Survival Knives Worth Your Money.

You could look for a titanium blade that will not be falling apart due to corrosion or tough tasks, but expect to pay much more.

For your interest:

I have written a guide how to pick the best knife for emergency outdoors situations. You can read what features to look for right here.

Item #7 – Small Camp Axe

AxeExcept from cutting those undead heads down, small axe will be invaluable for cutting up firewood and otherwise manipulating the landscape around you.

But you don’t need a large one that requires two hands. That will be cumbersome and more trouble than it’s worth!

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Instead, get something more along the lines of a hatchet. Not only will it be easier to carry but you will be more effective at their usage.

Did you know?

If you cut off arms and jaws of zombies they will become lethargic and you can tie them up (in form of a leash) and use them as a camouflage in order to stay undetected from other undead creatures.

Item #8 – Compass to Stay on Right Track!

Military Compass That Is ReliableThough most can tell what direction they’re going from the sun, a compass is easily packed and will tell you precisely which way you’re going.

Not only that, this is great device for orientation in any weather conditions.

Just imagine that you may need to travel at night in order to avoid other groups of hostile survivors.

Get One for The Best Price Here

In such case (when sun is no longer here for navigation) you will need a proper compass that will guide you at any time and any condition!

Item #9 – $100 in Good Old Cash

CashWhen the apocalypse comes, chances are money will not be anyone’s top concern.

But you never know how the real situation will turn out!

100 singles won’t take up a lot of room and could come in handy when it’s time to barter.

And in case that these will become worthless, then you can use these as a replacement for a paper to start fire!

Item #10 – Gun for Self-Defense

Great Handgun For Self DefenceLet’s not beat around the bush and be really honest to each other!

You can pack all the knives, axes and other sharp objects you want, but nothing is going to top a gun in terms of lethality.

Get your license now, buy a rifle or pistol and begin practicing. If you think you will have enough time to practice aiming and hitting those damn zombies to head later, you are so wrong! Just make sure that both your shooting weapon and a lot of ammo are in your kit as well!

This may be interesting for you:

Gun Trust – What the Heck Is It & How Do You Get One?

Item #11 – Sturdy Rucksack to Carry Your Stuff

Black Rucksack For Survival ToolsYou need a rucksack or some other heavy duty bag that can be thrown over your shoulder and carried on your back.

It needs to be durable enough, too, that it won’t fall apart from the elements such as:

  • Excessive heat & sunlight
  • Cold & freezing temperatures
  • Wet & moist environment
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The more compartments on it, the better, as this will help keep your stuff organized and ready at hand.

Check out more tips here:

Bug out Bag – List of 10 Items You Need to Pack at All Costs

3 Main Zombie Survival Kits on the Market

Kit #1 - Apocalypse Kit by Gerber

Kit #1 - Apocalypse Kit by Gerber

Gerber Zombie KitThere is no shortage of sharp objects for cutting anything that gets in your way (including undead). The canvas carrying kit features handle, reinforced stitching and stud buttons. What is more, it is very durable and easily stored.

Within, you will be able to find 7 useful weapons for decapitating zombies:

  • Gator machete
  • Camp axe II
  • Gator machete pro
  • Parang
  • 3 Knives – LMF II Infantry, DMF Folder & Epic

Price & best deals:

You can get this product for $349.00 on its official website or you can check out availability of discounts on However, you’re going to need a lot more than just knives, an axe and a carrying case to survive!

Kit #2 - T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit by Lansky

Kit #2 - T.A.S.K. Apocalypse Survival Kit by Lansky

Lansky Apocalypse PackageThe wide variety of tools included in this tactical apocalypse kit cover all your major needs. What is more, it all fit in a durable backpack. This kit includes following items:

  • Multi use battle axe
  • 20 Function multi-tool
  • Easy-grip knife
  • Blademedic sharpener
  • The puck – dual grit sharpener
  • LifeStraw® water purification
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Firesteel & compass
  • Paracord bracelet
  • Mini survival guide

Price & best deals:

You can get it for $199.99 from official website or you can check out availability of discounts on

Kit #3 - Walk out Kit (W.O.K.) by the Zombie Survival Products

Kit #3 - Walk out Kit (W.O.K.) by the Zombie Survival Products

walk out kit by zombie survival products

(Image Source)

Luckily, this product offers a lot of safety precautions and a ton of stuff to bridge the first 3-days of zombie disaster. It should give you enough time to get to your safe-place you should already have established.

This kit will provide you with useful stuff such as:

  • Food
  • Items for water treatment
  • Shelter
  • Medical supplies
  • Signalling tools
  • Stuff for making fire
  • Cooking tools
  • Many more

Price & best deals:

You can get this kit for $569.00 on

My Advice – Always Customize to Your Personal Needs

Even the best brands on the market will need to be augmented somehow in order for them to be optimal for you. Be sure to add to the list I created other items so that your bag is customized for your needs.

If you’re asthmatic, for example, be sure you have enough inhalers and medicine at all times. Just keep in mind that you need to combine usability with mobility. By the way, do not forget to learn these – The 10 Survival Skills and Crafts You Need to Know!

About Jim Worthersky

Hi, my name is Jim and my motto to live by is: Hope for the best while prepare for the worst. My hobbies are swimming, hiking, hunting, scouting & crafting.


  1. Aside from all the tools you’ve listed here (which are great) you should also have a couple of routes for getting out of your area, besides the main roads. Zombies wouldn’t necessarily take alternative routes. They’re gonna go where they think the brains are.

    If you live in a major city you should know all the quiet back roads and possibly even underground routes (trains, subways) that will lead you out of danger. After all, equipment can only take you but so far if you’re in the eye of the storm.

    • That is so true! Always have prepared exit rout out of the largest cities but avoid main roads at all costs as these will be full and jammed for sure in case of rapid evacuation.

  2. I like the idea of having a reference guide! This makes me think that I should get a general idea of what plants are already growing wild in my immediate area. The only thing I know for sure is dandelion, but I’m sure there are others.

    I live pretty close to a river, but it’s very dirty (NYC), so I’ve always had plenty of those water purification tablets in my bug out bag. Nice list of stuff to work with. Hopefully we’ll never have to use it!

    • That is really great Deeta. If you live near water source there is always a way how to filter it if it is dirty!

  3. How ironic that you should mention the Gerber kit because my wife just bought it for my birthday. Yes… we are diehard fans of The Walking Dead. It was a lot better than expected, especially the Bear Grylls knife. I can see myself using this one for years to come. Of course there are less expensive kits out there, but this one doesn’t require you to do a ton of research. The tools are all quality items, in my opinion.

    • Yes, I have heard similar words about this zombie kit. However, it is just a pack of knives for self defense so you need to have some food stored extra.

  4. Hey Jim — I think the one thing you forgot is some dehydrated food items to hold you over while you’re on the move. The field guide is good if you’re outdoors and you can locate edible plants, but what if you have to take cover inside? In that case you’re going to need a food stash.

    I recommend you have at least a months worth of food that you can store in your pack. There are plenty of sites that have small dehydrated packs. They’re not the tastiest foods in the world, but they’ll keep you alive and with enough energy to keep moving.

    • Sure, if you got cover inside there is no doubt that you need some food source (either dehydrated or canned/pickled).

  5. We got the Lansky for our sons graduation present. He doesn’t have the survivalist mindset that my wife and I have, but we figured he’d appreciate something he could get on in a flash. I’m happy to say that he used a few weeks ago on a camping trip. His girlfriend, who loves the outdoors, was very impressed with his setup.

    • Hey Patric, that is great that you support your son in this way! You need to motivate him to acquire basic survival skills and get some vital tools such as sturdy knife.

  6. Be sure to study how these survival items are used. No matter how many survival items you have stored in your home, if you dont know how to use them.. then you’ll have a big problem when an emergency happens.

  7. If a zombie apocalypse I will be ready, that’s for sure. I’m going to purchase some of these things. I wont buy the grouped items as I feel like your guy’s suggestions are good enough and I can probably buy everything separate anyways. Thanks for sharing this important info guys.

  8. I don’t believe a zombie attack will ever happen, but I can see a very bad event happening in the future, so it’s always best to stay ready. I have a lot of learning to do, but I will gladly purchase many of these supplies just to make sure I am ready for said event if it ever does happen.

  9. Max Brooks is a genius with his survival guide and his many other books. I will surly use his survival guide to my advantage if a zombie apocalypse ever happens.

  10. The idea that something big is coming, is heavily on my mind these days. I constantly worry about world wide events that could torture the world as we know it. Survival will be all we have if anything major happens and I often worry about this possibility.

    • Just keep in mind that you are not alone in your worries! Hopefully, our worries will not become reality!

  11. I know my shopping list for the next time I go on my monthly shopping trip. I’ve always wanted to start purchasing enough to be ready in case I need to protect myself and my family.

  12. The tub of food by Mayday sounds interesting. I would probably just buy a bucket of it just because, but I will buy a few along with many of the other items on the list. I will be ready for the end of the world.

  13. Winston Savage

    I have a few guns here and there, as well as waterproof matches, night vision goggles and I will be picking up a few water purifiers and such. I have other various things purchased already as well, but I don’t need to purchase much else.

  14. Great list of survival tools guys. I still have to buy some of the stuff on the list. I have a few items already, like the survival book by Max Brooks, and I have a different Gerber kit that is pretty good.

  15. Nice list of worthy items you guys. You post some of the best stuff on survival. I’m a huge fan of this blog and a first time commenter. Figured I’d say some things. You guys rock! And I love the quality of your articles. I feel I learn a ton when I read your articles. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  16. Brandon Ladell

    Owning a gun is the first thing I recommend people do. There are other things on this list to then get, but a gun is priority in a way. At least in my opinion. I would also worry about buying filtration system, so the water purifier is high on the list as well. Oh and medical kit, as always.

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