Tie Shemagh Scarf or Keffiyeh Like a Member of Tactical Force

shemagh in useYou have probably seen Middle Eastern members of the tactical force wearing what looks like a scarf on their head.

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It is called shemagh scarf and is great for protection from too much sun exposure and for reduction of water loss through sweating.

While not as protective as a helmet, this head cover is extremely versatile and can be used for many things by anyone!

The Middle Eastern Miracle or Just Fashion Trend?

Shemagh (also called Keffiyeh in Arabic) is known as a simple head cover (traditionally used in Middle East) or as a fashion scarf (commonly observed in other countries around the globe).

American troops have utilized these greatly during the Iraq war to block the cold and dust in the arid surroundings from hitting their skin. British and Australian members of military have also been seen wearing a Keffiyeh.

British fighters are actually given these scarves during their training whereas troops from other countries are often left to buy them themselves. The uses of a Shemagh are plenty with the ability to keep cool, block the sun and even filter water through these.

These are just a few of the dozens of uses they have!!!

The Best Materials You Should Choose

Keffiyeh Tied On HeadOne of the most interesting facts is that these are made with certain color patterns and materials based on region and respective type.

Sizes are not normally given as these are merely tied around the head. The following types of materials are usually seen:

  • Shemagh – The typical material used is cotton or flax. These can be found in any color, but red and white is among the most common!
  • Keffiyeh – Made with wool and cotton, these are the scarves most commonly seen in pictures or on television. Common colors include white, black or orange. There is also a white version made of cotton mild called Ghutrah. This is observed in parts of Iraq and other Persian states.

Keep in mind: These need to be light enough to not add to the heat felt, but thick enough that dirt and sand never hits the wearer. Regardless of the chosen material, they all hold the same level of functionality and comfort!

Military Pro Style – Instructions to Fold, Tie & Wear Your Shemagh

7 Other wraps are explained in video below:

  1. Neck wrap
  2. Bandit mask
  3. Ninja
  4. British SAS
  5. Pirate
  6. Spec ops
  7. Warmth combo


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With hundreds of uses, you will want to be able to tie your Keffiyeh properly so that it never falls off. This is a survivalist’s most prized possession in some cases, so knowing how to fold your scarf appropriately is a necessity.

Much like a necktie, the first tie will be very tricky, but as you grow accustomed to it, you will be able to put it on very quickly. Just follow the steps below to wear yours like a military pro:

  1. Open up your scarf completely and holding one hand at the two top corners so it drapes down like a blanket.
  2. Fold the item in half. You want to do this so that the final product resembles a triangle! (you will fold the top left corner of the Keffyieh to its bottom right).
  3. Place it on your forehead. This should be done at one end of Keffiyeh so that ¾ of it is on your right side before your head is touching the scarf. Then let it drape down from your head.
  4. You are probably wondering why in the world one part is so much shorter. Well, now you will find out. Grasp the smaller part and pull the end under your chin up to your opposite ear. This is meant to act as a chin covering.
  5. While still holding the end of the shorter side, grasp the longer one and do the same thing. This should be done in one motion where the longer part is brought over your head so that it is in proximity of the shorter part that you are holding.
  6. Tie them both together. Two overhand knots are recommended.

Now, your Shemagh should fit accordingly. If you find yours to be too loose or too tight, adjust the knots as necessary. This can take some time to get accustomed to, but it shouldn’t take more than a few tries to get yours on just right.

That is all that needs to be done to tie your scarf accordingly. Remember not to make the knot so tight that you can’t get it off when you need it most. Also allow for appropriate space for comfortable breathing.

My Top 5 Places to Buy Keffiyeh!

Thinking that shemagh is awesome, but you are not willing to travel the world to get one? Thankfully, there are dozens of places to buy them from, including:

  1. Amazon.com – The go-to place for virtually anything (potential discounts included).
  2. Local army store – Many local and online retailers cater to army-centric clothing.
  3. Etsy.com – Custom sewn options are available for very low prices!
  4. eBay.com – Hundreds of scarves are currently listed on the auction site.
  5. Walmart.com – In the sporting goods section of local stores, Shemaghs are often sold as well.

Retailers all over the world are selling this type of product. You can find these locally, but you will also be able to purchase them right online for further convenience.

Once you know all of the uses that these scarves provide (mentioned in following article 15+ Emergency & Survival Uses of Shemagh Tactical Scarf), you will definitely need one of your own! They are the most useful fashion accessory on the planet.

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