Who Is Gaye Levy from Back Door Survival?

Gaye Levy Survival Enthusiast
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Gaye Levy has truly made a name for herself when it comes to survival.

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However, many people know her websites but not much about Gaye herself.

Let’s see what information we can find on her and what has made her such a driving force in the world of preppers.

Gaye Levy – Who Is This Lady?

This woman is just like you or I. She has a passion for all things survival and decided that she would become proactive and start learning the ropes herself.

What is more, she grew up in Seattle and actually worked in the software industry. Eventually, she started up her own accounting practice and has since moved to rural Washington.

Gaye has since become very involved with her site, Backdoor Survival, has written books and is known the world over for her posts for preppers. Unlike the similar manly-man sites, her website is dedicated to living without modern technology and surviving a natural disaster.

Expertise in the Survival Field

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Gaye Levy married Shelly Ayon who really showed her the survival ways. According to her own about page, she is simply an on-going learner that has always enjoyed this topic.

More precisely, she has not received any special training to speak of and has not been in the military. She is just like you or I with a very deep passion for the survival field. However, she has made her site and really learned all about lifestyle tools, tips and techniques all along the way.

All About Her Blog – BackDoorSurvival.com

Homepage of Backdoorsurvival

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Backdoor Survival is Levy’s passion and has since become a thriving website that is known all over this industry. The site itself is quite interesting and is broken down into the following sections:

  • Getting Prepared
  • Free Downloads
  • Essential Oils
  • 12 Month Prepping
  • Best of Backdoor Survival

Not only that, her website attempts to help people and families prepare for a natural disaster or a year without the amenities that we are all used to. This means the website is filled with information on the following:

  • Food storage
  • Self-reliance
  • Preparing your family
  • Emergency situations
  • Supplies & gear
  • Tips & techniques
  • Reviews of some essential items

As you can see, she rather focuses on family and home preparedness for emergency situations and disasters.

Top 3 Posts by Gaye You Should Definitely Read

Some of the best posts that are included on the site are:

There are also topics and how-to guides for recharging batteries, how to make healing sleeves and so much more. Additionally, you will find great reviews or prepper items on the site and some insightful posts from other authors as well.

2 Published Books

Survival Books by Gaye LevyGaye has two books currently available on Amazon.

These include:

These are currently the only two works that Gaye has published in the field. Both are available for immediate download on the Kindle, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can even get the Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage for free.

Image source: BackdoorSurvival.com

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