Will Family Survival System by Frank Mitchell Save Your Loved Ones?

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Reviewed below by Jim from Survingoo team. For official website go here – FamilySurvivalSystem.com

Are you and your family members prepared for a dangerous situation? Perhaps you have a plan in case of a fire or a burglar alarm to scare away potential robbers.

But what about something far more serious?

Something that truly threatens the lives of your closest relatives? You can’t wait until the last minute to save yourself and your loved ones.

With that in mind, author Frank Mitchell has penned the Family Survival System, a guide to preparing for and managing through difficult events.

The Basics of Family Survival System

video tips from Frank Mitchell

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This program is focused around a short eBook (just 41 pages) that deals with the following aspects of prepping:

  • Having non-perishable food stored and available at your disposal
  • Creating a water filtration system
  • Designing and practicing an escape plan
  • The use of weapons to fight back if necessary

A former U.S. Army member and emergency expert, Frank Mitchell uses his military and survivalist background to outline tools and tips to prepare your closest relatives for even the unthinkable.

My Sneak Peek Inside Members Area

family survival system toc

Complete table of contents with chapters:

  1. Introduction (p. 4)
  2. Threats We Face in America Today (p. 5)
  3. The Makeup of Your Family and How It Affects Your Preps (p. 7)
  4. Wild Cards and Other Variables (p. 10)
  5. The Prepper Triangle – Skills, Knowledge, and Gear (p. 11)
  6. The Top Three Skills for The Prepper Checklist (p. 14)
  7. The Top Ten Knowledge Checklist (p. 20)
  8. Food (p. 26)
  9. Bugging out vs. Bugging in (p. 29)
  10. The Hybrid Situation (p. 33)
  11. Home Defense for The Prepper Family (p. 35)
  12. Getting Started with Prepping – Make a Plan, Stick to It (p. 38)
  13. Start Small, Do It Now (p. 40)
  14. A Letter from Frank (p. 41)

One of the best aspects is the detail it goes into on the various aspects Frank sees as essential for living through a significant crisis.

food page on fss

Food resources:

This section, for example, outlines what kind of food to buy that will last the longest, how and where to store it and how much to consume in the case of a disaster to maximize your resources.

Drinkable water:

He explains the most effective filtration system to buy in case that government-supplied water is not available or is too dangerous to drink.


The book also adds other must-haves including a radio that can pick up FM, AM and shortwave frequencies and can be charged without a power source for a situation of an outage.


He also discusses weapons and writes about guns, their preparation and use for occasions when your closest ones are truly threatened, and safety must be obtained at any cost.

defense page on fss,


Mitchell also diagrams in detail the option of either leaving for a better location (bugging out) or creating secure space in your home (bugging in)! He lays out a step-by-step plan for finding this type of space off-site with tips on the most efficient way to get there undetected if necessary.

He also outlines how to create a safe room in your home should you choose to stay and adds information on fortifying doors and soundproofing the area!

free bonuses for family survival system

You will get following free bonuses:

  1. Survival Prepping with Children
  2. Home Defense Pistols Buyers Guide
  3. Building Up Your Food Supply

Stuff I Absolutely Hate About This Product

Quite simply, the drawback of the book is the time it uses at the outset to outline conspiracy theories that make preparation not an option but a certainty.

For those who agree with this expert, none of this will sound unfamiliar.

For those who have not delved into the world of the doomsday prepper — a term for someone who believes they are under threat of attack by government takeover, economic shutdown or some cataclysmic religious event — they may be more surprised and even unwilling to continue reading.

That is a shame since Mitchell offers some very good tips that could be applied to a number of other situations as well.

These, however, will be useless if the reader is spooked by his tales of impending doom. This is more of an issue since the number of books on family survival is multiplying at a fast rate.

There are other experts out there such as Alec Deacon with many of the same tricks (see the end of this review for more info) without such a long political and social commentary.

User Feedback from Youtube


Do not forget to check out the video above to see details from the members area. This way you will know exactly what you are going to get.

Final Verdict – Short & Basic Survival Guide

family survival system eBook cover


  • Author is an expert – Mitchell’s skills and experience come in handy as he gives easy-to-follow instructions on preparing for a crisis!
  • This guide is easy-to-follow – It’s quite simple to follow his directions in the book as you and your loved ones begin preparations. He not only lays out necessary steps, he provides an ongoing framework to get and stay ready for any situation covering a broad spectrum of issues from “what items to have on hand for certain events” to “where to store tools and food for the time being when everything is still working normally”.
  • A broad spectrum of topics – He covers a wide array of topics in a format that your family can easily comprehend.
  • Affordable price of just $37.00

  • No hard copy is available
  • Instills fear on readers
  • The eBook is significantly shorter
  • Lengthy online video presentation

Get your copy from official website

The first thing to know is that this short PDF file isn’t a guide for surviving a storm or flood. It is designed for those who want to be ready in case there is no longer food or safe drinking water available, and families find themselves literally fighting for resources with others.

That said, Mitchell’s experience and knowledge help provide a lot of helpful tips and instruction that could be useful in a variety of situations that are less serious than complete anarchy.

Preparing yourself for anything is never a bad idea. Political commentary aside, this system is a good basic tool for helping you to be ready for anything.

Click here to ensure you will know how to protect your loved ones.

Alternative highly-rated survival guides:

Blackout USA by Alec Deacon
Survive The End Days by Nathan Shepard

About Jim Worthersky

Hi, my name is Jim and my motto to live by is: Hope for the best while prepare for the worst. My hobbies are swimming, hiking, hunting, scouting & crafting.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this system before, but then again I’m a novice prepper. I like the idea of being able to bug in, but I live in an apartment building. I’ve been trying to think of ways that I can bug in somewhere in the building without being detected. It’s 31 floors, so there’s got to be some nook or cranny here.

    I do need some better water filtration ideas. I like to have anywhere from 3-5 possible ideas stored in my head so that if something were to happen I’m not stuck with one technique.

    • That is really great approach to water obtaining! Always have plan B, C & D prepared in order to replace those which will fail.

  2. I have the Family Survival System. My sister and her husband have taught me the importance of being at least somewhat prepared, so we’ve been slowly stocking up and learning all that we can. There’s plenty to learn when you’re a beginner, but this book does help you cut to the chase. Plus he shares some tips that I haven’t seen in any of the other guides I have. Good luck!

  3. I was one of those people who thought the survivalists were kind of overboard. But when Hurricane Katrina hit and people were unprepared to deal with the disaster, I became a believer. Being prepared doesn’t make you crazy. It’s one of the smartest things you can do. I strongly recommend Mitchell’s ebook. I have it and I love it.

    • I can only agree with you Cork. You do not have to be a conspiracy believer and expecting whole society to fall, but it is great to be prepared for situations of natural disasters that will be occurring sooner or later.

  4. Hunter Won't be Hunted

    I don’t have this book yet, but I heard about this guy on another forum. He definitely knows what he’s talking about if you need good survival advice. He appears to be very straight forward.

    And even though it’s geared towards Americans, I think this is advice anyone can use in case of an emergency. I have lived out of the US on two different occasions, and both times I’ve had some type of prepping material on hand. Doesn’t matter where you are, being prepared for disaster never hurts.

    • Sure, this program can be applied even for situations outside of the US. Yes, Frank is really great expert in this field and has plenty of stuff to share with you.

  5. I got this a while ago. I like it because he talks about protecting yourself in a variety of situations. Most preppers are ready for one main problem (nuclear war, for example), but what if the disaster that hits isn’t the one you’ve been preparing for. I like being ready for a variety of situations, and that’s what makes the Family Survival System so important.

    • That is my observation too. Many of preppers are focusing solely on one main catastrophic scenario while excluding others.

  6. I am very interested in giving this a read. Normally I am a bit hesitant to get into anything that a doomsday prepper talks about, but there is a possibility of a global event happening that can torture the world big time. I suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  7. Sounds like a worthy investment. I mean, if it teaches me ways of survival, I’m all for it. Learning to defend myself as well as filtering water, that in itself is a proper skill to have and I don’t know how to do either right now.

  8. I always imagine a post apocalyptic world where there’s some kind of drought, so this is something I can totally get behind getting. I’ve always had the doomsday prepper mentality anyways. Lets face it, there’s a potential for such an event to happen.

  9. I will be honest when I say I really am not into the whole doomsday prepper thing, but I know an important book when I see it. I’m going to be purchasing this very soon, as I love reading about survival and ways of survival. I am not one who would survive if anything major was to happen, so hopefully this book series is for me. 😉

  10. I am eagerly interested in learning more about survival. Lets face it, there is a potential risk of bad things to happen, so I feel I should learn some survival techniques just in case of a big event.

    • You definitely need to know techniques of starting fire, building shelter and obtaining food and water.

  11. Preparing for the worst should be on peoples agenda. There’s a potential chance of many catastrophic events to happen in the near future. Of course there’s a chance most of us will be gone before anything major happens, but we don’t know this. We could face a big event any day, and that’s why I think preparing is a good thing.

  12. I could use a survival strategy guide like this, actually I think something bad will happen in the near/coming future and I worry about my family and friends who’re too naive to realize the possible chance. I know I will be getting this series just to be safe.

    • That is really the best and most reliable approach you could take in order to protect your family that neglects possibilities of world and civilization as we know it changing significantly.

  13. I am one who believes the future is full or war and drought, so I constantly worry when that day will come. I believe I’ll be ready for that time because of the many survival techniques I’ve learned over the years. Hopefully these series can teach me even more.

    • Well, to be honest these are basics plus advanced stuff so probably you will learn something new!

  14. Frank Mitchell is great for informing everyone of the proper way of survival these days. Many people are hesitant to believe in an apocalyptic event, or some even that could bring upon war. It can happen any day, any second and we need to be ready.

    • You are really totally right Penny. Hopefully more and more people will be getting prepared sooner or later.

  15. I am very happy to say the family survival system is fantastic and well written material. Mr. Mitchell has something good on his hands and it will help thousands, if not, millions or people who could suffer in a case of problems sustained in the future. I know I’m ready.

    • That is soo important to know these tips and tricks if you find yourself in critical situation.

  16. That is main philosophy of preppers all around the world.

  17. I believe that skills and experience can be the most important stuff that you can have in case of emergency.

  18. Sadly, it is the harsh truth that we would be probably facing sooner or later.

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